Moon Laser scientist deflects truth

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The only thing deflected in this interview with a 0;scientist”  is the truth. It’s ridiculous and without evidence that a small deflector was placed on the moon by the Apollo ass-true-nots in 1969 and is still reflecting back photons.

Chris tried to call a place called scientific consensus, but doesn’t succeed.

Fun hearing real crickets in the background.

0;There is so much context with our education we don’t think out the great unwashed can’t understand” or something quoted to that effect.

The scientist is a master obstructionist. This is his training and specialty, not laser beams.…

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1 thought on “Moon Laser scientist deflects truth

  1. Master of None

    Chris Kendall. You are a God.

    If I wanted or believed I needed a government of any kind in order to live peacefully and without total chaos, and if I believed it was possible to create a whole new government from scratch and the “elected” officials would not be corrupted, placing us exactly where we are now, within three months, I would campaign for you as President, ten times harder than I ever did, every time Ron Paul broke my heart.

    Barring that, if you will not allow us to clone you (“Shut up, it’s science!”), at the very least will you teach us how to do that magically strategic thing you do?

    If we had more people so skillful and devoted in revealing the control grid, minions, propagandist maintainers, etc. we might actually win this.

    Thank you!


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