Obscene celebutard nuclear propaganda

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This is among the most shameless,  pathetic, devisive and just wrong celebrity drivel I’ve ever heard or scene.  It proves many things, including that the nuclear myth is alive and strong on 2015.

H/t noagenda

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3 thoughts on “Obscene celebutard nuclear propaganda

  1. Jack33

    Propaganda at it finest or worst, however you choose to view it.

    Taylor made for an ignorant, brainwashed American public that will buy it completely without question.


  2. farcevalue

    This video comes courtesy of the Global Zero movement, featuring even more celebrities who obviously can’t be bothered to do 5 minutes of research (evidently shillery puts quite a dent in the schedule) , and yet are standing up to demand a world with zero nuclear weapons.

    Well, guess what. That’s right, celebutards, talking past the close!

    Bada bing bada boom!


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