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10 thoughts on “Audiochat – Tom, Ab, Unreal

    1. richard benedict

      Interesting advert, Carys
      Dig this ad
      “The Apple I went on sale in July 1976 at a price of US$666.66,[8] because Wozniak “liked repeating digits…”

      1. Carys

        Wow. In yer face fun with numbers!

        According to Wickedpedia, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been referred to frequently by the nickname “Woz”, “The Wonderful Wizard of Woz” (!)

        He is a Freemason, despite not having faith in a supreme being (which is required by Masonic rules). Wozniak describes his impetus for joining the Freemasons as being able to spend more time with his wife at the time, Alice (in Wonderland?). Alice belonged to the Order of the Eastern Star, associated with the Masons. Wozniak has said that he quickly rose to a third degree Freemason because, whatever he does, he tries to do well. He was initiated in 1979 at Charity Lodge No. 362 in Campbell, California, now part of Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 292 in Los Gatos.…

      1. Carys

        Oooh, love bites! Another favoured occult symbol – the forbidded fruit. 🙂 The apple is ubiquitous in pop culture, mostly with the “bite” element included, symbolising the original sin/fall of man – or the tendency to evil supposedly innate in all human beings. At least that’s what they want us to believe.

        Of course, the Big Apple had a big bite taken out of it on 9/11.

        Remember the opening of the 2012 Paralympics in the UK, when the 60,000+ crowd was encouraged to take part in the world’s largest “apple crunch” (ritual) by taking a bite out of an apple all at the same time? The apples were handed to participants on entry to the event. I recall the tv presenters urging us to “join in at home” too!…

        It’s hardcore! 😉 We’re presented our culture by a hidden hand and invited to “Bite me!”


    1. richard benedict

      CIA culture creators/ occultists William Peter Blatty and E. Howard Hunt would take one look at the above picture of Sutcliff entombed in the triple 666s and know that they were looking at an occult “working”. Sutcliff’s subsequent death, they would conclude, a sacrifice for the Beatle’s success.

      “…It should be noted that William Peter Blatty, the author, has stated that he was involved in psychological warfare operations in Viet Nam.”……

  1. richard benedict

    @Tom- You mentioned “McCartney’s talent” –IMHO, Wings was one of the lamest bands ever. To say the Paul McCartney of Wings is talented, IMHO, isn’t rational. This is the entity that brought us “Coming Up”, “Silly Love Songs, “Listen to What the Man Says.” “Wonderful Christmas Time”, etc.

    Tom also mention’s McCartney’s “lucidity”. Remember, celebrities are used as vehicles for messages and the actor playing Paul McCartney has promoted NWO ideas heavily the past 20 yrs. So much for lucidity.

    I realize there is an emotional dimension to the dynamic of celebrity/ fan relationship that renders discussion difficult (nay, impossible) . I would rather criticize and question a person politics, religion, or even their favorite sports team than cast doubt on someone’s favorite musician/entertainer. The power is that strong.

    Nevertheless, re: Ab’s and Tom’s discussion of The Beatles and culture creation in the first 25 min. of this chat, we must not underestimate the hustle. One aspect of the hustle is celebrity replacement. The replacement of celebrities is endemic in the entertainment world. I would argue a defining characteristic.

    Example: Recently, I stumbled on a 1977 episode of the American sitcom “Three’s Company”. When “Suzanne Somers” appeared, I immediately reacted with “That is not Suzanne Somers” at least, not the one we have been acculturated with. It is a clever replacement.

    I placed a picture below. The real Suzanne had round blue eyes, the double has grey and more narrow eyes. As usual, the replacement changed the hair color and hair style, make up style too. In other pictures of the double, she wears blue contacts.

    Another important point that was brought up was this quote re: the CIA and Culture Creation- “These people are magicians”

    Absolutely. Secular audiences underestimate this aspect of the equation. Just as Tom has personal experience with musicians, I have personal experience with the “magician” side and will develop it in the forum. Suffice to say for the moment, that Stu Sutcliff “died” in a fashion the ensure the Beatle’s success.

    Finally, while it is understandable people may not notice the difference in speaking voice, appearance and mannerism in sophisticated imposters, I cannot believe that a person with ears and earphones will not notice a huge difference in the quality of singing. Below is a video from 1964 of the real Beatles and then the replacement group “Cheatles” from 1965. The Faul of 1965 cannot even make a decent scream, let alone singing. His voice is coarse, limited, tense and hindered. While for Paul’s (1964) voice I have just two definitions – FLOWING RIVER AND SILVER BELLS.

    The real Beatles and Paul McCartney.

    The fake Paul McCartney

    The replacement Cheatles in the above video were agents, not the originals. Like the original Suzanne Somers, the original Beatles have disappeared into oblivion.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Richard Benedict, I’m still not sure what your mad theory about the Beatles is.

      Let’s hone it down:
      You say ALL the Beatles were replaced between 1964 and 1965 ?
      And then later, when the Beatles split up, Lennon was played by an actor wearing rubber masks for public appearances?

      You have made these things clear, at least.

      I’ve told you that you were a naughty boy and that you were to go on the naughty step.
      What happened? You just couldn’t resist it, could you ?

      To be fair, that’s what I used to do with my Mum when I was 5. You know, slink back.

      Richard Benedict, we will not tolerate you trying to embed your bullshit here without laying it to waste.
      I thought it was great on that other thread when it got to Bolan and then xileffilex looked and called the Bolan crash a fake.
      This was actually interesting. Bolan’s death was faked it appeared, but….NO, Richard Benedict didn’t think it was faked. He said he’d looked at it before and dismissed the idea. Haha! Funny and revealing.

      Stop it already.

      You’ve ” had personal experience with the magician side” ?
      What was that ? Did you go to a convention of the Magic circle perhaps?

      Posting that with the suggestion that you will expand on it later in the forums is a set-up that I do not embrace.
      Whatever you tell us about anything is not to be trusted.
      You’ve already shown your hand.

      1. richard benedict

        @Tom, I left the naughty step because it is my sincere belief you are busking the good people at capisce?

        You mention you attended a Paul McCartney rehearsal. Which Paul McCartney? the one one the left or the one on the right?


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