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Getting Ohalahan out of his nuke funk.




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11 thoughts on “Audiochat – Ab, Unreal, Tom Dalpra, Ohalahan

  1. Master of None

    I am only 20 minutes in and perhaps I am commenting too soon, however in response to Ohalanan feeling depressed. I get it. I totally get it.

    Yes. We could name an never-ending list of things that aren’t true and/or are totally faked. Unfortunately, that often doesn’t change our day to day reality.

    I don’t know for certain if nukes are real or not. (I think they are not.) I don’t know if Fukishima is sending deadly radiation to me here on the West Coast and slowly killing me or if it’s just another money-maker, fear mongering, land use grab, political play, etc. and frankly, that’s the least of my concerns.

    What I am frustrated (and often depressed) by is the day to day crap that steals my precious time (money) and energy.

    The EFFECT of these fake events are detrimental to my quality of life. Knowing these events are fake, sometimes, is even MORE frustrating and maddening than being ignorant of that fact, because the insults of daily life rub our noses in it.

    Furthermore, being the only person who knows about media fakery is very isolating. It’s frustrating that we are all in the same fix, yet our (or at least my) cohorts are just as reinforcing of the matrix as the media, politicians and corporations.

    The lie of the affordable care act/obamacare is that it would affordable insure the uninsured. The reality is my spouse and I pay $1,000/month for healthcare we will never use. We will out of pocket for the care we do decide to seek and those independent providers are leaving the field because they can’t make a living, because the health care bill is written to ensure only huge, corporate medical care is the only model that can financially survive.

    The gov knows the best way to keep people afraid (of not having enough money to survive), mind-controlled (constant diversity, sexual harassment, etc. workplace trainings all the time) and stripped of creative innovation (compartmentalizing everyone into a very small box so that people lose the ability to critically think and problem-solve), is to make the biggest employers corporations and the government.

    The reality is, most household must have two full-time incomes (“full-time” another gov control mechanism) to survive, most children are raised by day cares and before and after public school programs, half your income goes to taxes that fund your own oppression, there is no time or energy left to enjoy your life, I could go on.

    In the U.S., we are a customer service/retail, government, corporation, economy. We hardly have any small businesses. We don’t make anything anymore. We have lots of smart, creative and hard-working people with no opportunities to apply them because of the “global” economy. This is only getting worse.

    Just knowing the truth has yet to change anything in a meaningful way.

    1. ab Post author

      Well, my original Podcast was a hoax recovery group. Let’s all recover together and not worry about changing the world. I’ll be happy to be labeled a pioneer and forgotten about by the time the rest of the world catches up.

  2. Carys

    I really enjoyed listening to this chat – evenly-balanced, engaging and with all participants respectful of each others’ opinions. Kind of fell apart a bit in the comments section here though, but all still interesting.

    I’ve never heard Tom imply that fakery doesn’t exist in the music industry either. Just heard compelling and informed points of view from him and the others here, all worthy of attention and further evaluation.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    ”@Unreal, for two shows now Tom Dalpra has tried to convince you fakery does not exist in the music industry.”

    No I haven’t. That is a false statement from you, Richard Benedict. We’ve had conversations and I said I’m open to anything.

    ”Also during an interview he was trying to convince others that there’s no fakery in the music industry. AND he thinks McFartney is talented – that’s ridiculous!”

    Again, no I wasn’t trying to convince others there’s no fakery in the music industry. Stop misrepresenting me.
    That I think McCartney is talented is true. I’ve sat in on a Paul McCartney rehearsal and the guy who says he’s Paul McCartney proved himself to be talented musically in a very distinctive ‘Paul McCartney-like’ way. Of this, there is no doubt.
    It doesn’t prove that he is the same Paul McCartney from 1964, I’m just making the point that the guy calling himself Paul McCartney has a distinctive talent, which seems consistent, to me.
    As a thirty year music professional, I think my opinion is valid.

    Richard Benedict, what is your theory?
    As I said before, what I’ve gathered so far, is that you think all the Beatles were replaced between 1964 and 1965 and that for their subsequent public appearances they wore silicon masks.

    I’ve made it quite clear that I think this is rubbish.
    I can only say what I see.
    If you keep posting things which I consider are deliberate disinformation, I will keep saying so.
    I don’t get agitated mate, I’m just doing my thing.

    If you have better evidence you’re free to post it, but I haven’t seen a shred of what I consider to be persuasive evidence yet.

    As I mentioned in the audio. I’m the one who found Geldof foreshadowing the Dunblane School Shooting in the I Don’t like Monday’s Video –…
    What do you think of that, Richard Benedict ? That, to me, is interesting.

    At least, as a student of the Music Industry, you could pass comment.

    Again, I’ll remind you that you started talking about Marc Bolan on another thread, saying, he too, was played by multiple actors in rubber suits. However, when xileffilex looked at the Bolan car crash and called it fake, you claimed you’d looked at it and dismissed the idea… ha! Very telling.
    He was an actor played by multiple doppelgangers in silicon face masks but his crash was real?

    ”As a responsible fakeologist I consider the faked death angle when I learned he was cremated but abandoned it when I subsequently learned that cremation is not unusual in England.”
    Oh, ok, cremation is common in the U.K, ‘nothing to see here!’
    Hah! The other thing is your attempt at defining a ‘fakeologist’.
    ‘As a responsible fakeologist’ you say.

    If you are the definition of a ‘fakeologist’ Richard, then so-called ‘fakeologists’ are going to look pretty flakey. This, of course, is your tactic.

    Richard Benedict, it is you who seems to be denying fakery in the Music business, here.

    As I’ve said many times, I consider the ‘hidden hand’ to be all over the Music Business like it’s all over everything else. My desire is to find the true nature of this ‘hand’.

    I think you are deliberately trying to confuse the issue.

    1. richard benedict

      @Tom, My theory, imho, supported by evidence found at this forum ( Claire Kuehn and Tina Foster are former members) , is the original Beatles were high-jacked by the British Freemasonic/Zionist governing elite. They were replaced by a series of clever doubles/ disguised imposters using the best of military intelligence spy craft. See the military background on EMI.

      To see the hiearchy in action, see the Johnny Depp movie “From Hell”…

      As in any military operation, layers of disinfo were placed e.g. Paul is Dead/ circa 1966 (rumor released 1969); “Former” British intelligence rat John Coleman’s Aquarian conspiracy (a limited hangout concealing the depth of the op). These actions are put to obscure the reality of Beatle replacement just as Goldbug was obviously put out to obscure the reality of crisis actors/ people replacement.

      BTW, Not all of the Beatles double wore silicon masks as you can see with George Harrison pic below.

      I am willing to concede that I misunderstood your position on fakery in music business and I apologize.

      Let me ask you now, Tom, do you believe any major music star was ever replaced in the American or British music industry? Yes or no?

      Tom, you wrote, “…I’ll remind you that you started talking about Marc Bolan on another thread, saying, he too, was played by multiple actors in rubber suits. However, when xileffilex looked at the Bolan car crash and called it fake, you claimed you’d looked at it and dismissed the idea… ha! Very telling. He was an actor played by multiple doppelgangers in silicon face masks but his crash was real?”

      I never said Bolan was replaced. My original post is here: “…Please study the career trajectory of the original glam rocker Marc Bolan.”

      Read more:…

      I think the thread I had on Bolan shows the problem Ohalahan mentions, some fakologists are too quick to say that that something is fake. I agree. Please read my response to assertion that Bolan faked his death from the above post.

      I do not believe Blue Moon, xileffilex, and yourself provided enough evidence. I showed the motif of cars/death runs as a thread throughout Bolan’s career. Are we to presume the car leitmotif was woven into the Bolan legend in anticipation of his faked death almost 15 years down the road? (pardon the pun). xileffilex says Bolan was taken out at the height of is career as did Blue Moon. No, Bolan was in the process of a come back with a renewed image. In the thread I provided the evidence for the celebrity deaths I thought fake (e.g. Robin Williams). Readers may go back and evaluate it for themselves.

      The point I wanted to make with Bolan was some fakologists are denying the occult nature of the Hidden Power while trying to disclose media fakery. IMHO. it’s tough to be a Fakeologist, if the subject of occult seems ridiculous for it’s members. I believe there was more evidence that Marc Bolan died as a result of his occult belief and associations than as a result of fakery. As Unreal suggested, some of the cats behind this stuff are magicians. I agree. Please read my comments here from your last chat with Ab.
      …” CIA culture creators/ occultists William Peter Blatty and E. Howard Hunt would take one look at the above picture of Sutcliff entombed in the triple 666s and know that they were looking at an occult “working”.”

      Read more:…

      I may be wrong about Marc Bolan and am open to the idea his death may have been faked. I simply need more evidence to be convinced.

      You wrote:
      “…Richard Benedict, it is you who seems to be denying fakery in the Music business, here”

      The original post you are referring to outlined the evidence about a fake Joan Baez.
      I wrote:
      “In 1965, she looks like a genuine Mexican American. Beginning in 1966, I see a different one…”

      Read more:…

      Real Joan

      Fake Joan

      If people see the same woman and hear the same voice, we will just have to agree to disagree.

      Pictured below is one of George Harrison’s double. As you can see, no silicon mask needed.

  4. UNreal

    @richard benedict: I’m not in a postion judge anyone, but i enjoy reading your comments and evaluate what you propose.

    1. richard benedict

      @unreal, At the 49 min mark of this chat you make, imho, a profound point that I think should be of the motto of fakologists. You mention that the geniuses are contrived and we are taught to just shut up and trust them. The Overlords aver we are too low and common and we should just trust them. You gave examples of Mozart, Tesla, etc. ( I would include the literary sim Shakespeare.) I spent my life as a high school teacher and met thousands of students. I can tell you that John Taylor Gatto’s comment in his book “The Underground History of American Education” is absolutely true. Viz. “Genius is common place.” To me, it is best kept secret of human history.…

      Palas Athena, the goddess of wisdom was known as the ‘the shaker of the spear” The image below tells the story.
      See the book Francis bacon personal life-story.…

      P.S. Unreall, in my original post. I did not mean to imply that you disparaged me at all in the chat. On the contrary, I thought you conducted yourself as a perfect gentlemen. I reread my post and that the point I was trying to make about the contrast you provide may not have been clear. If so, I am sorry about that

      1. UNreal

        @richard benedict: appreciate your attentive remarks. yes, Shakespeare is definitely a production of a committee of writers and social mind-benders. there are several theories as to whom the hidden hand behind shakespeare really was. what do you lean towards ? and where does Pallas Athena fit in, was she killed by spears by Athena (her half sister and rightful) daughter of Zeus?
        i’m quite intrigued by Joe Atwill’s analysis of Shakespeare and his hints to a “roman” clan behind it all, but i find the venetian theory Robert Newman the most thoroughly demonstrated..

        1. richard benedict

          @unreal, you ask “what do you lean towards …imho the best treatment on the topic is the book I linked to: Francis Bacon’s Personal Life-Story by Alfred Dodd. I bought it from Kessinger Publising over 20 years. Dodd show how Bacon created a quasi temple for the muse Athena, who used a spear to kill the serpent of ignorance- Shake-spear. Dodd details how inside the temple was a committee of 24 of the best writers, historians, etc. who crafted the plays. Bacon had seen how France was able to create a national language through literature. Also, the plays were used to process the population with the ideas the elite wanted. This masonic book was intended for an esoteric audience. I believe the book belongs in every fakologists library, not only for what it says about the sim “Shakespeare” but more importantly for how writers were used to create the medieval “pageants”, the modern pageant we call “PSYOPS”. Before I heard Ab, I had deeply studied the JFK and Charles Manson murders and concluded that people had written the “legends” or stories surrounding the event because of the poetic nature of the rabbit trails. I still thought people died but mesmerizing cover stories were created. When Ab posited the PSYOP idea, suddenly everything fell into place for me. Ab provided the solution for me. I was certain because, as he has pointed out, we have studied the subject deep enough to grasp it.

  5. richard benedict

    @Ohalahan, As far as Jeff Rense goes, read his father’s obituary and you see he comes from the well placed background all these intelligence rats, NWO Disinfo agents culture creators come from. Rense has a guest on his show that worth a listen. Tim Rifat, who is hilarious, an entertainer, but can not be taken seriously though Rense does take him seriously. If Jeff Rense were real, why would he take Rifat seriously? I too listen to Yochi Shimatsu on Fukishima. Remember right after the disaster he would go the prefecture there and help the farmers with their radioactive crops? He was always be sure to decontaminate himself after ever visit….but he always returned.
    Jeff Rense’s father’s obituary.…ns-executive-74.html
    Arthur F. Rense, Public Relations Executive, 74
    New York Times
    Published: January 5, 1991
    Arthur F. Rense, a retired public relations executive, died on Dec. 28 at his home in Las Vegas, Nev. He was 74 years old.
    He died of leukemia, said his wife, Paige Rense, editor in chief of Architectural Digest.
    Mr. Rense had been director of public relations for the Summa Corporation, owned by Howard R. Hughes, until he retired in 1985. He had been public relations director for the missiles and space systems division of Douglas Aircraft Company and director of public relations at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, Calif.

    Besides his wife, Mr. Rense is survived by three sons from a former marriage, Kirk of Irvine, Calif., Jeff of Santa Barbara , Calif., and Rip of Sherman Oaks, Calif.; four brothers, Randy, Andy and Frank, all of Cleveland, and William of Denver; and two grandchildren.

    @Unreal, for two shows now Tom Dalpra has tried to convince you fakery does not exist in the music industry. And I am the disinfo guy? Unreal, you act like a regular member of a forum. You read my material, thought about it and then went on. When people are just a member of a forum, and are not interested in the subject, or don’t share the same opinion as a poster – they just go by, may be saying it once that they don’t think so. They do not attack me personally. Tom is getting personal with me, he even insults me – he is trying to make me angry and nervous, and make me stop posting. I don’t see a reason for a regular forum member to do this. He is too agitated about my posts. Also during an interview he was trying to convince others that there’s no fakery in the music industry. AND he thinks McFartney is talented – that’s ridiculous!

    @Tom, it was not only one of the actors playing Lennon that wore a silicon mask; it was used with the different McCartney doubles as well. Below is a picture of a double wearing a silicon disguise. Look at it carefully. Unnaturally smooth skin-no hint of shaved whiskers, the wig, etc. I only post about the Beatles because they are 911 of celebrity fakery. Everyone knows about them.

    In the above video, at 2:59 compare the McCartney profile with Hey Jude. @6:36 compare the eyes.


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