America, coming to a country near you

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Most people love America and all it stands for,  and would love it to come to their country.  Be careful what you wish for!

A little for you Tom, and h/t to Mark Sargent, who is great at giving out credit and links.

Watch 0;Rammstein – Amerika (Offizielles Video)” on YouTube

Who knows America better than American occupied Germany?

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7 years ago

Hi, I’m leaving a comment because this article is part of NASA hoaxes. My concern/question is about a different NASA hoax. I sent an email to Ab, but realized I sent it to a “do not reply” address. I was browsing around yesterday and stumbled upon the bigeye site and then Fellowship of the Minds and discovered that the Challenger disaster happened, but the astronauts were not on board. That is really good news, but for some reason this hoax/outright lie has really upset me. Watched live on TV and can remember the horror and pain and grief suffered as… Read more »