Keep it simple on NASA with Peekay

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Russianvids and Peekay talk hoaxery on his podcast. Russianvids is an exciting speaker, and talks Alex Jones, controlled opposition, Bill Hicks.

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3 thoughts on “Keep it simple on NASA with Peekay

  1. richard benedict

    I first came across Alex Jones show during the D.C sniper scare in Feb. 2002. My immediate impression of the guy is that here was a professional performer from the school of Morton Downey jr,. When Downey’s show was test marketed in the late 1980’s in the Minneapolis, Mn. TV market where I lived, many people I knew thought he was real. Like Morton Downey jr. Jones is playing a character. The primary indicator for me was his sophisticated use of language. He used professional communication techniques of imagery, analogies, humor, etc.

    Strike 1

    Later one, I first saw what he looked like it was in the Bohemian Grove video. He states in the video he is 25 years old. I thought when I saw him he looked many years older.

    Strike 2

    When you want to see if someone has been replaced you have to go back and find the original and see what they look like. Many times, people have never seen the original.

    Here is the original from 1997.

    Go to the 4:02 mark and examine Alex Jones face closely.

    Here is the alleged replacement from 1997.

    Go to the 3:53 mark. Clearly a different body build and facial structure.

    Keep in mind this is suppose to be a 23 year old man.

    Strike 3

    I find “Alex Jones” not guilty of being Alex Jones. I have reasonable doubt.

    1. richard benedict

      Although I cannot vouch for Russvids, I enjoyed his comments after the discussion of the Alex Jones/Bill Hicks question. He asserts the Flat Earth movement may be an intentional revelation, in preparation for an upgrade. There is a brief discussion of who it is behind this. Who “they” are. He continued with examples from the popular culture whereby their secret methods are divulged. He ascribes this process to the principle of The Revelation of the Method (coined by Michael A. Hoffman II in his book…).

      In recent years, the phrase The Revelation of the Method has been increasingly referenced. Usually, the user will define the phrase as the process whereby the perpetrators will reveal to us the methods of their crime and their role in the crime in order to absolve themselves of guilt. This is inaccurate.

      As Russvids uses the phrase, he explains that the perpetrators are revealing to us what it is that they are doing to us. Although accurate, it is a superficial interpretation.

      The Revelation of the Method, aside from achieving some sort occult balance, is primarily intended to damn the person’s soul by revealing certain information to the percipient, resulting in an awareness that must acted upon in a spiritual fashion through wilful action. Whether it be a redress of the wrong revealed or a Christian separation from the source, it is incumbent upon the percipient to act. Inaction results in a furthering of the paralysis and hypnotic control. More importantly, however, it also results in an awareness that the person is playing a role in damning his or her own soul through inaction despite the conscious awareness intentionally given to them.

      Aside from the resulting paralysis, the soul’s damnation is the true purpose of The Revelation of The Method, …the true consequence of the “Truth or Consequences” gambit.

      Russvids mentions the Bible, that “They”, use it as a script, thus the term “scripture”. “They” are using the Bible as a script. The Bible? The damnation of the soul? One may say “I do not believe in such things.” ‘Tis no matter. They do. And who are “They”? They are the demonic other who delight in controlling our destiny.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Did you mean Russivids is an excitable speaker ab ? He certainly talks excitedly.
    The Bill Hicks-is-Alex Jones idea is an old one. I’ve always been dubious of it, but I’ve been dubious of things before…
    The Kevin Booth connection is notable, but certainly doesn’t mean that they are the same person.
    Booth was a producer connected to the alternative scene in Austin. There’s no reason he couldn’t have been ‘assigned’ to Alex Jones after Hick’s death.
    His work with Alex Jones now, would suggest he’s a complete agent, and call into question Hick’s credibility as a ‘real’ guy, but it could have been that Booth was assigned to help steer the highly talented, maverick comedian Hicks and then after his death took another job with another ‘alternative talent’ – this one, a witting agent.
    Hey, Jones may have been styled somewhat on Bill Hicks, considering Hick’s was loved by ‘alternative thinkers’.
    Interestingly, this video from CastleJenniferBassett, who also brought us the famous ”Michelle is a man” video, did the rounds a year or so back.…

    I’m still dubious.

    I dunno.
    There was this one little thing. I still don’t understand why in this old footage of Bill Hicks as a young comedian, that his hair seems to be transparent. We can see the letters of the word ANNEX clearly through his hair.
    Maybe it’s easily explained away as some trick of old film ?


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