MM on River Phoenix and the DCP

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Miles Mathis gives us lessons in photo fakery, and lots of other celebrity Hollywool spool talk in his latest essay.

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Comments also welcome on MM – do you think he’s on the good side, giving good information?

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4 thoughts on “MM on River Phoenix and the DCP

  1. Blue Moon

    If you want a slightly different take on JFK fakery, here’s a link to a blog I set up to host the PDF link to my JFK book- I wrote this before MMathis posted his JFK paper so I can honestly say I wasn’t dipping from his well- I did read his Karl Marx paper and acknowledge that-

    1. annspinwall4

      Blue Moon,

      I have already downloaded the book and can’t wait to read it. My tablet doesn’t have enough room but I am going to see what I can delete so I can make room and read in bed rather than sitting here at the computer. Fakeology added it this morning and I’ve already left a comment.

      I remember watching a TV documentary a few years ago and it pointed out all the open windows along the route and said that should not have happened. Secret Service would have been all over that…then we see the SS standing down on the Zapruder film. JFK was smiling and happy and didn’t have a care in the world that day. The truth has been staring us in the face for many years but a lie that monstrous used to be beyond belief. Guess it was just part of the plan to start taking down our country.

    2. annspinwall4


      I finished the book last night and rate it 5 stars! I am so glad you included, RFK, Ted, JFK jr and the earlier deaths of Kathleen and Joe jr. I can finally stop researching.


  2. annspinwall4

    I just discovered Miles a couple of weeks ago. I believe I found a link to his site from a story I was reading on Aanirfan blog. I was really blown away by the information available on his site. I found it very compelling and I believe he is honest. Discovering the Tate murders were most likely faked was really good…and after reading Miles, I read Dave McGowen’s whole ebook about Laurel Canyon and discovered a whole additional level of deceit. Because of Miles JFK article (and he calls them opinion pieces) I can breathe a sigh of relief and can stop trying to figure out who assassinated him. I found his opinion that JFK went “underground” and continued ruling in secret a stretch, but who knows. I find the possibility of him going underground or leading a different life to be a monstrous act perpetrated against the American people. I was 12 in 1963 and very impressionable and even at 12 knew something was off…but I thought that LBJ did it. Anyway, I look forward to reading the latest MM on River Phoenix.


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