Toronto subway crash review-HRD

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It’s 8/11, which means the potential for chicanery thanks to the sacred occult 11 is the date.

It’s time to review history, local history, and check in on a highly promoted media story in Toronto, the Canadian media capital.

Is there anything to see here? We know are used to affect change – they are the best change agent our rulers have. They bring in laws, rules, and regulations and then spend millions of dollars that otherwise would not get agreed to by a democratic (which by no means is perfect) group.

A is a hyper-realistic drill that is indistinguishable from a real event. It is meant to be that way, so real emotions are triggered and real tension created. Leaders evaluate the response and make changes to training.

They cost much time and money to orchestrate, so why waste a good drill when it can be used to make needed improvements to a system?

So you can see that very few people need to know that a drill turns 0;live”, and is misrepresented as real. Only the top masons that run society need to know, and they’re sworn to secrecy as part of their brotherhood.

Did we have color photography in 1995? Apparently not according to these 0;victim” photos.

The simulation is so good that without real journalism, it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Whistleblowers don’t exist, since they cannot get their message through the Iron Curtain, their media.

Christina Munar Reyes, 33, Kinga Szabo, 43, and Xian Hui Lin, 23, lost their lives in the crash.The driver of the second train, Robert Jeffrey, survived. He’d only been on the job two days when he ran three sets of red lights before rounding a curve under Russell Hill Dr. shortly after 6 p.m., only to realize a train was stopped ahead.Coupled with this driver error, a design flaw with the Ericsson trip arm, a safety device meant to engage the brakes of trains passing through stop signals, contributed to the crash.The tragedy led to sweeping changes throughout the transit system. An internal TTC investigation and coroner’s inquest resulted in 236 recommendations, all of which have since been closed out, according to the TTC’s chief safety officer, John O’Grady.

Source: 20 years after Russell Hill, Toronto’s deadliest subway crash | Toronto Star

Here’s the wicked entry, with many occult as well.

Interesting that for the first time an American was brought in to run the transit, only 8 (9?) months before.….

Toronto’s only fatal subway train accident, the 1995 Russell Hill subway accident that claimed 3 lives, happened only 8 months after Gunn became head of the TTC, with Gunn addressing the incident in the media.

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