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Penultimate JFK Book released

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Blue Moon’s masterpiece is out. Fetzer, read it and weep. A librarian has solved the puzzle (how ironic – Texas book depository and all!)

JFK Word Master FINAL4LULUliesallkinds

Page 35 of his book references this interesting liewitness:

The mother is asked for her recollections, but after
misremembering her lines, she is excused as being too upset.
She returns later, and holding her youngest son who looks to be
about 18 months old, projects her story in a more calm and
coherent fashion, with more details added by the creepy
interviewer Watson.

Art Bell – Jay Weidner moon hoax “debate”

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How can there be a debate on the moon hoax when all three voices believe NASA went to the moon? This is the controlled opposition that dominates the old style media. Thank goodness it’s disappearing.


Nothing to see here except some fantastic tales told by Jay. He’s probably right about Kubrick, but dead wrong about NASA and the black ops being 50-70 years ahead in technology.

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Death cult NASA exhibit

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The only thing NASA is good at is creating daily fiction.

After Challenger’s accident, NASA wanted it out of sight and out of mind. The Jan. 28, 1986, launch disaster unfolded on live TV before countless schoolchildren eager to see an everyday teacher rocketing toward space. And so Challenger’s wreckage — all 118 tons of it, salvaged from the Atlantic — was buried in the pair of former missile silos, 90 feet deep.


Challenger Crew hiding in plain site? |

Challenger PsyOp purpose


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Audiochat-KHam’s report from Rome

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Kham’s back and tells us Simon and Hoi from cluesforum.info are real!

Psyopticon makes a phone call.

Who? Kham, Ab, Unreal, Psyopticon


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