Death cult NASA exhibit

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The only thing is good at is creating daily fiction.

After Challenger’s accident, NASA wanted it out of sight and out of mind. The Jan. 28, 1986, launch disaster unfolded on live TV before countless schoolchildren eager to see an everyday teacher rocketing toward space. And so Challenger’s wreckage — all 118 tons of it, salvaged from the Atlantic — was buried in the pair of former missile silos, 90 feet deep.…

Challenger Crew hiding in plain site? |

Challenger PsyOp purpose


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2 thoughts on “Death cult NASA exhibit

  1. annspinwall4

    OH, my blood is boiling! That sorry, no good agency. Suppose they need funding for another fake launch of some kind. This just shows how sorry they really are. I just found out about Challenger this past weekend and have been very depressed and upset. New lies seem to be revealed faster and faster. So now a new generation of youngsters can grieve for the (supposed) loss of beloved astronauts. Is there no end to their shameless actions? Count me as pissed off!


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