Penultimate JFK Book released

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Blue Moon’s masterpiece is out. Fetzer, read it and weep. A librarian has solved the puzzle (how ironic – book depository and all!)

JFK Word Master FINAL4LULUliesallkinds

Page 35 of his book references this interesting liewitness:

The mother is asked for her recollections, but after
misremembering her lines, she is excused as being too upset.
She returns later, and holding her youngest son who looks to be
about 18 months old, projects her story in a more calm and
coherent fashion, with more details added by the creepy
interviewer Watson.

10 thoughts on “Penultimate JFK Book released

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  4. annspinwall4

    Blue Moon,

    I wrote a spectacular review on your website. I was so happy with the way it looked and I provided a bit of mystery for people who do not know the real outcome. I posted under wordpress and the dang review disappeared. I will try to recreate my eloquent review and will try again tomorrow. Blogger automatically brought me up under my google account, I changed it and have no idea what black hole ate my review.

  5. Blue Moon

    Thanks to any and all who take the time- I’m having some family issues at the moment but, again, thanks-

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  7. Jack33

    I just started reading your book last night and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
    Can’t wait to read some more tonight!

    Nice job!


  8. Tom Dalpra

    Cool. Nice one Blue.
    I’d half wondered if we’d ever see it. 🙂

    I’m now reading and enjoying it.

  9. annspinwall4

    I can’t wait to dig into this. Miles Mathis has an “essay” on his site that determines JFK wasn’t killed that day. I look forward to comparing thought processes. If our network news is mostly a reality show, I am glad to know…angry, very angry, but glad. Makes me wonder what the 1st event happened to be. Everything is now suspect, not just the new growing wave of school shootings, church shootings, theater shootings, but all the old events that wrenched our souls.
    So glad I found this site. I have been researching for almost 4 years and the rabbit hole got deeper and deeper…this type information will help me climb out of the damn rabbit hole and possibly start living my life again. Thanks guys!!


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