Audiochat – Ab, Jon le Bon, Ro11o, Unreal

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Have a spare 6 hours? Join us for an epic. We talk about everything!


<06:10:43> 0;John le Bon”: Can you guys see this message?
<06:17:11> 0;Rollo”: i love you john 🙂
<06:17:39> “Rollo”: John Le Fag
<06:17:52> “Rollo”: John the Con
<06:17:55> “John le Bon”: lol
<06:18:40> “Rollo”: I suspect all that green room chat is getting clipped
<06:33:38> “Rollo”: Having a photographic memory helps
<10:44:29> “Rollo”:

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Master of None
Master of None
7 years ago

Ab. I am totally confounded by your comments. And your logic. I have lived in 3 major cities, one of them in Europe. In some parts it would be very hard to know what country you were in as they are dominated by people not from the U.S. or France. This is NOT about good people vs. bad people. All cultures, countries, religions, etc. have comparative numbers of both. This is about culture. Not all cultures are compatible. I like Asians. I don’t particularly enjoy or resonant with Asian culture. I would never choose to live in Asia. I would… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Master of None

Master of None: Excellent comment! Agreed on every point and thank you.

Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
7 years ago

Six hours went pretty quickly.
Good stuff. Yeh, I’m a long time talk radio listener. Always have felt calmed by the sound of voices. This sort of stuff is alright by me.

Hi Wanda!

Oscar Pistorius was mention. My fumbling thread and Reeva Steenkamp in a bikini here! :…

7 years ago

Regarding women’s involvement, one should consider that many of these “truthers” are, in fact, freemasons and other agents endeavoring to control the information. I think we can know this by reflecting on the ones that have dropped in popularity due to having exposed themselves protecting their sacred cows… that one lame idea they have to protect no matter how ridiculous it makes them look. I am almost certain that if you eliminated the freemasonic and controlled opposition factor, you would come up with a nice 50/50 split. Women are every bit as concerned, capable and fearless as men. I am… Read more »