KHA44-Sounds of Italy

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August 13, 2015


Sounds of Italy

K Ham went to Italy to visit Simon Shack, and also met up with Hoi Palloi and Videre. Among the smells and tastes of Italy, there are also sounds; cicadas, church bells, bands and more.




Big Fire in China

Multiple explosions hit chemical warehouse in the Chinese port city of Tianjin on August 13, 2015. Seems real.  But why are these images so clearly set-up? Could it be that the press is always late to the party, so better to have set-up images than none? I’m still deciding.

In reality, people do their nursing from the front of the patient, not the back. Problem is, that position doesn’t make for a good photo op.

head gauze see it blast bandaged

This guy looks like he got in a fight with the Koolaid Man and lost.  Seems like he should be using his towel to apply pressure under his chin on his neck where all the blood seems to be coming from. Did his clothes burn off?

blood like koolaid

Is this the Red Badge of Courage dude? Seems like he is doing a Shaolin Kung Fu stance for this pose.

mad with bandages

The Big China fire as seen from space. Hmmm, those pixels look photoshopped.

as seen from space



Art Bell is a Fraud

Have a listen to this clearly set up audio of a man flying through Area 51.

Area 51 pilot phones Art Bell-REAL original broadcast

After a listen, you should have no doubt that Art Bell has a purpose to deceive us. Having established this, we should be very skeptical when Art Bell gets mixed up with our areas of research.


What’s up with all the Flat Earth and Ball Earth Skeptic Videos and Audios?


How come they are still being made and getting us nowhere? I suspect that flat earth or ball earth skeptic videos and audios are emotionally manipulating you.  And why do flat earth and ball earth skeptic supporters keep stating the same old fables?

Fable:  Ancient people used to believe the earth was flat

Reality:  There are numerous references to the ancients that demonstrate they thought the earth was a sphere.

Fable: Planes do not use the shortest route when traveling near the south pole.

Reality: Planes land in hubs in order to connect to the most flights possible.

  • Of course these hubs do not make a dot-to-dot path that is the shortest distance between two points.
  • They never did.

Alternative Possibility:  What if instead of flat, the earth was just bigger? That might explain curvature of the earth issues. This might be exactly what cointelpro flat earth aka globe earth skeptic videos are trying to keep you from learning.


Getting our Brains Wrapped around the Flat Earth or Ball Earth Skeptic Subject

JLB, You mentioned to me on 5.21.15 that you had a purpose in bringing up the flat earth aka ball earth skeptic subject.  What might your purpose be? This has been your sole subject recently, as in beating a dead horse.  You also have questionable known figures such as David Weiss on your program and ignore his background. The reason I am concerned is that the rash of flat earth aka round earth skeptic videos and audios is a known campaign of misinformation.  You are behaving as if you are a part of this campaign and you are having and supporting guests on your show that have questionable backgrounds. You seem to agree with everyone no matter their stance. This seems manipulative to me. Another strike against you is that you have come from the Jeff C camp, and Jeff C is a known deception artist. I am officially challenging you and your motives.  I am tired of watching others get emotionally and intellectually manipulated by these flat earth and ball earth skeptic videos and audios and wish to point out how it is done and who is doing it.  I am giving you a chance to respond.

To the reader, if in reading the previous paragraph your stomach tightened and you became emotionally uncomfortable, then you are emotionally wrapped up in this subject. This is not a good place for a researcher to be in because you are no longer thinking neutral, you have taken a side. As researchers, we should be on the side of the most compelling information.  There is significantly more supporting information on the side of a spherical earth than a flat one, yet it remains a subject of intense inquiry.  This one should have been put to bed months ago.

I must, in good conscience, let the reader know that there are widely differing opinions on the validity of the flat earth or ball earth skeptic theories.  Several of us fakeologists find the flat earth or ball earth skeptic videos and audios and their authors as part of a sophisticated cointelpro campaign that has invaded the internet. You can read the particulars in this CluesForum post.

NASA’S FLAT EARTH DBA STRATEGY  “Discredit By Association”: the oldest trick in the mind-control book

I am a researcher, not just a video watcher. Researchers look behind the information handed to us to see where the truth sits. Having researched much of the information behind the flat earth or ball earth skeptic videos and audios I see misinformation and misdirection everywhere, and it appears to be on purpose. It is almost like these authors are targeting fakeologists in a strategic manner. We were a powerful force with the public before these flat earth videos came along, and now, not so much.  What were we researching before these flat earth or ball earth skeptic videos and audios descended upon us? Perhaps that is where we should continue our efforts.

JLB, Nothing personal, but you appear to be a part of this cointelpro campaign as you are betrayed by your actions. In this age of information overload, I feel it is my duty to help the overwhelmed reader navigate through the deceptions found on the internet. IMHO, the flat earth or ball earth skeptic subject is one of those deceptions. Beware, for here be dragons.

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12 thoughts on “KHA44-Sounds of Italy

  1. khammad Post author

    Big Fire in China. There is one more interesting photo to post. What’s with all the cellophane tape on this victims face?

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Am I the only one who found the actual Sounds of Italy bit, funny ?

    Simon’s creaking swing chair and the cicadas. ?
    Excuse me K. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to listen and imagine myself outside up on a hill overlooking Rome on a balmy Summer’s evening. Bliss!
    However, in this picture, there was no Simon. In fact, he was conspicuous by his absence. All we had was the creak of a swinging chair and the cicadas. It was almost eerie, haha!

    I’m not saying it was deliberate, it may well have been that you just didn’t think of it,
    but it did make me laugh.
    You went there to see Simon and recorded his swing chair ?
    Did he say ”no interviews ”. Anything would have been great.

    The other thing was photographs.
    Presumably you got some of those? Maybe it just didn’t seem appropriate? I’m of the impression that Simon might be open to a few pictures. That would have been great.

    No big deal, it’s just a our intrepid Radio host friend just came back from visiting Simon Shack and it’s exciting.
    I’m thinking ” Did she get any photos or audio ?” and you give me a creaking chair and cicadas.

    Is it only me that finds that funny?

    Cue: creaking chair

    1. ab

      No Tom you’re not the only one. Mrs. Fakeologist thought the sounds were odd, although she didn’t mention missing audios from Simon or Hoi.

    2. khammad Post author

      Interesting you would be the first one to point a finger, Tom.

      The title of the show was “Sounds of Italy”, meant to be light hearted. If the title of the show was “Sounds of Simon Shack”, then you would have heard a lot of him. We meant to record a show while there in Italy but had so much fun chatting and enjoying each others company we never got around to it. I thought after Simon rested up a bit from our visit, I would have him on the show to chat about the visit, also invite Hoi and Videre, whom also were absent from that audio. My son and some local birds did not get recorded as well.

      Ab and Tom, thank you for your interest.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Haha. I’m not pointing a finger K. I just thought it was funny, that’s all.
        I listened to your show as I always do and found that part amusing.

        The creaking chair. I loved it. I really did picture it. I love listening to your voice.
        It was good.

        I think Simon lives exactly where he says he does and is exactly who he says he is. I’m not one of those people who has ever doubted his existence. When Ab asked ”Is he real” on your chat with him, I cringed a bit thinking: ”We’re above that aren’t we? ”

        The truth is, Simon is treated with a lot of respect around here and your lack of in -his-face-photography-or-audio could be pure respect for his privacy, with you being made welcome in his home’n’all.

        It just made me smile. That was all.

  3. khammad Post author


    “on the subject of the shape of the earth all we have is 1 image of the ball earth from space that we can safely suspect is photoshopped. Art Bell was brought in to defend the very model Kham seem to find the the most plausible, which is quite counter-intuitive if the official theory of celestial mechanics and the nature of of the earth was such a clear cut case.”

    The Art Bell debate was a set-up, a fake, not a real debate, a show to let regular people see the flat earth supporters as preposterous and ridiculous. Just like Jim Fetzer or Judy Wood, Art Bell is controlled opposition. The entire debate seemed scripted, imho.

    “is the earth flat ? JBL certainly does not claim so.”

    Precisely my point. JLB conveniently avoids taking a side, yet talks endlessly on the subject. JLB’s behavior is just as Simon describes in his post on Flat Earther’s Discredit by Association strategy.

    “is the earth round, and/or does it spin ? JBL ask these questions, and rightfully so.”

    Unreal, these are all good questions about the earth. Why do they have to be framed around flat earth or ball earth skepticism? Why can’t these questions be framed around simple questions about our earth?

    In fact, these questions about this earth that we all live on would be better served as a separate subject, not intertwined with the flat earth or ball earth skeptic debate. John LeBon complicates the subject immensely by attaching earth questions to a forgone conclusion of flat earth or ball earth skeptic. The entire flat earth debate takes legitimate questions about our earth and wraps them around a publicly acknowledged crazy idea. Why not just take each earth question and make a video of it, sans flat earth? But no, this will not happen because there is an agenda afoot and JLB is following it precisely. Have you read Simon’s post about it?

    I am choosing not to ignore all the signs of deception that JLB is demonstrating. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

    1. UNreal


      I fully understand Simon’s point in his thread “NASA’S FLAT EARTH DBA STRATEGY”, but i don’t agree with these assumptions on the matter nor do i share the opinion this subject is solely about NASA. In fact, the shape of the earth and the current model of our solar system is at the base of science itself. What is put into question is science, and if the earth does not spin, it is science itself based on gravity that is broken, not NASA.

      What happens when you say “there were no planes” ? We have not waited for this subject to be Discredited By Association. when alternative researchers stop investigating because of opposition, precaution or ridicule, something vital is lost. Thenagain, there are too many subjects on the plate out there, and each individual truth-seeker can not realistically go down all the holes. this does not mean, on the other hand, that they should discourage others to openly question the theories we are fed by the system as they more often than not turn out to be contrived.

      I agree 100% the Art Bell was a set up hit-piece, and we have spent time in the audiochats discussing the topic as well. however, contrary to what you conclude from this fact, i would rather conclude there is now an ‘official’ mainstream effort (Art Bell/professor) to discredit ands discourage the ball earth/flat earth research in itself. Does this not resemble smoke, meaning there is a fire ?

      As much as i’d like it, when we question the “spinning” model of the earth, it is impossible not to talk about its shape. and why should we ? as it stands right now, the perfectly spherical earth seems more unlikely than any other shape.

      i agree Weiss is a suspicious character (or a “shill”) on his 9/11 testimony. this does not mean his flat earth material is all bad. controlled opposition is typically conceived of by using good information as a bait. that Weiss is suspicious on 9/11 would therefore not equate with his Flat/Ball Earth being bad, and certainly not that JBL is guilty by association or DBA as mentioned on the Clues thread.

      Why do you demand answers from the host of a radio show ? the host is there to make the opinions and views of guests heard most of all. i’m surprised that you as a podcast-host yourself would demand this of JBL.

      1. khammad Post author

        “Why do you demand answers from the host of a radio show ? the host is there to make the opinions and views of guests heard most of all. i’m surprised that you as a podcast-host yourself would demand this of JBL.”

        Because on 5.21.15 John said he would give them to me.

    2. khammad Post author


      I am not looking to convert one single soul to my way of thinking about JLB. I fully understand your position. My only hope is that others who see the same pattern of suspicious behavior from JLB will know that their opinion is shared and that they are not alone in their considerations.

  4. UNreal

    it’s healthy to be skeptical, and we should be very skeptical on the foundation of modern science which is their theory of evolution and life on earth in our solar system and galaxy.

    on the subject of the shape of the earth all we have is 1 image of the ball earth from space that we can safely suspect is photoshopped. Art Bell was brought in to defend the very model Kham seem to find the the most plausible, which is quite counter-intuitive if the official theory of celestial mechanics and the nature of of the earth was such a clear cut case.

    is the earth flat ? JBL certainly does not claim so.

    is the earth round, and/or does it spin ? JBL ask these questions, and rightfully so.


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