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Here’s a blog that has very little info on and , but continues after 5 years. I certainly don’t endorse it but do read it – is this another Fetzer-like blogger who after all his research cannot get to the essence of the 9/11 ?

Here’s a past post that has Simon’s contribution in it.

Myth: Most “conspiracy theorists” thought 9/11 was an inside job from day one, because these types of people always imagine elaborate conspiracies even though the evidence rarely backs them up. Most are paranoid and obsessive. Reality: Many if not most of the members of the 9/11 Truth movement took months or years to begin doubting what we have been told. Those who have become leaders of the movement tend to be intelligent and well educated, and they were open-minded enough to consider evidence that we h

Source: When did they know? 36 Truth leaders on how they awakened to the 9/11 lie | Truth and Shadows

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  1. annspinwall4


    Thanks for providing the info on this newly found blogger. I’m a bit saturated with 9/11….but I enjoyed his coverage of the Boston Bombing. The pictures so clearly indicate actors prepping for their big moment and the “blood” looks so much like paint, I don’t see how anyone can think this an actual bombing.

    Here is the link…


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