Audiochat – Ab, Annette, Ohalahan

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A new voice, , , black goo?


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8 thoughts on “Audiochat – Ab, Annette, Ohalahan

  1. Carys

    Fun chat that one. The black goo seems to be just more arcane symbolism representing the empire’s wet dream of digitising our biology. A desire to re-engineer the genome and have us all behave like controllable droids/zombies, easily enslaved and replicated. As if that isn’t how we behave already. 😉

    The transhumanist goo symbolism is all over the place, alongside the psyience. Just Goo-gle genetics pioneer (and elite favourite) Craig Venter and his “synthetic programmable matter”.

    In 2005, Venter founded Synthetic Genomics, a private company with a provocative mission: to engineer new life forms. Its goal is to design, synthesize and assemble synthetic microorganisms that will produce alternative fuels, such as ethanol or hydrogen.…

    No doubt there’s more “Dolly the sheep” type hoaxery to come too.…

    We can now buy our own black goo-goo from Lady Gaga too:

    1. annspinwall4


      Thank you for the additional information. All the things happening in our world go so deep and can seem so crazy that we can’t leave a stone un-turned. Just because goo sounds nuts, doesn’t mean that the term doesn’t serve a purpose. I appreciate your insight! (didn’t know Dolly was a hoax, thanks for the link)

  2. annspinwall4

    Hi khammad,

    I am truly sorry for bringing up the subject of black goo. Yesterday was my first chat and I forgot I wasn’t just chatting with Ab and Ohalahan. I have never chatted on a forum before. I am just a lady that has been researching 9/11, JFK, Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing….and in doing that find some interesting side topics along the way. I don’t even remember how I linked to the video where goo was discussed.

    I have all this information and knowledge of government deception and no one to talk to. My sister just gets mad so I can’t bring up anything about government hoaxes. I tried to talk to her this afternoon about the Challenger Disaster and she practically hung up on me. She won’t even read the article or watch the video because the thought is so stupid to her. I’m happy I found fakeology and look forward to a continuing relationship.

    Please know that I am not “disinfo” or anything like that. I haven’t listened to Kham 44, but will do so. I guess I do/did think Morgellons was real. If it isn’t then Clifford Carnicom and his institute devoted to curing/understanding Morgellons isn’t real either. I may occasionally get suckered in by a new hoax, but I am very open-minded and will do further research.


    1. khammad

      “suckered in by a new hoax”


      This is a huge problem we all have, getting suckered in by new hoaxes. Nicely said. Since I am a researcher at heart, I look into the background of a lot of this weird stuff before offering an opinion.

      I have found two basic camps of information on the internet: honest information and dishonest information.

      Honest information comes from regular folk who are just trying their best to get the information out there to the masses. This info might not be perfect but the intent is to get the best message out there and honest information is a good jumping off point for further research.

      The other camp of information is Dishonest information. It comes from folks who have other agendas besides truth. This information is MEANT to take you off course so looking into further research from this category just takes you around in circles and leads you nowhere. This is a pattern I have experienced over and over and over. I believe it to be a trustworthy pattern.

      Two camps: honest or dishonest. When I encounter new information it must first be categorized into one of the two camps otherwise I take the risk of being duped.

      One way to tell the difference between honest and dishonest information is by asking yourself this question: Do you understand the subject of the video, audio or website better or worse after viewing, hearing or reading about it?

      Flat earth videos are a good example of confusing the main idea of a video instead of clarifying it. These flat earth videos are made to purposely disguise the fact they give you NO INFORMATION about the flat earth model itself. Flat earth videos fail the honesty test because your understanding about flat earth is not improved upon viewing the video. You just get more questions about a myriad of other topics.

      David Icke also fails the honesty test. After reading any of his books you are more confused about aliens and lizard people than ever. David Icke continually promises answers and proof and yet he consistently fails on his promises.

      Every morgellans disease video also fails the honesty test. You are more confused about what the heck it is instead of enlightened. You mentioned Clifford Carnicom as if he might be an expert.

      Here is a quote from Clifford Carnicom:

      The evidence now indicates and demonstrates that there is, at the heart of the “condition”, a new growth form that transcends, as a minimum, the plant and animal.…

      Clifford has raised the status of Morgellans disease to a magical/alien status. Clifford is spouting nonsense. He uses big words to say silly things. Let’s put Carnicom Institute to the test. After looking at his website, do you have a better understanding of morgellans disease or not? For me, I am definitely more confused by his website. His website seems like a lot of damn work for how confusing it leaves the reader.

      Here is another quote from Clifford:

      A biological oral filament sample will be analyzed for the presence of candidate organic functional groups using the methods of infrared spectrophotometry.

      Is this a website for doctoral candidates or for just regular people trying to figure shit out? Why is Clifford not helping his audience so that they can have a better understanding of morgellans disease? The answer is that his website is designed to do exactly what it is doing, to confuse you. Clearly Cliffords priority is not to educate or enlighten the reader.

      Because of past experience, I can safely conclude that Clifford Carnicom gives Dishonest information. Time to move on.

      1. annspinwall4


        When I 1st heard about morgellons and how misunderstood it was, I think the fact that there was a “doctor” that had created a “research institute” there must be something to it. From the quotes you provided I guess, as the old WC Field’s saying goes….If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle them with bulls***”

        I’m so glad you aren’t a proponent of flat earth. I wasn’t aware there was an issue between ball and flat until a few weeks ago. I have watched a few short videos but they didn’t help…all the mathematics involved in measuring this and that and subtracting a percentage to account for something else…too technical for my brain. The world has been a ball my entire 64 years of life.
        Had no idea that people think a function of NASA is to continue the myth of ball earth with the picture taken from “outer space”. So many hoaxes. I’m glad I’m able to put JFK and 9/11 to rest….and I knew from the get go that Sandy Hook and Boston were hoaxes….just so obvious in my opinion.

        Thanks for the helpful advice, hope to talk to you soon on a chat!

    1. annspinwall4

      Hi Blue Moon,

      I finished watching the movie last night and I really hated it. (sorry Ohalahan) I hate all the slim and tentacles and just yucky crap that seems to go along with alien creatures. I’m just not big on science fiction. I always loved Superman, but that was with George Reeve’s from the early days of TV when I was a girl. I saw the 1st Spiderman but have never seen any of the other Marvel comics come to life on the big screen. My son loved X-Men and Stargate and a ton of others.

      I’ll look forward to reading MM’s review of Prometheus.

      Really enjoyed your JFK e-book, finished it in 2 evenings.

  3. khammad

    On the subject of Black Goo, I believe it to be a fake, fraud, and forgery. Basically this is a psychological operation. What appears in movies is not the telling of the future, but the telling of a future hoax. If a subject is in a movie, and then later happens in the media, you can be sure it is some sort of a hoax or fraud.

    On the subject of Morgellons Disease,…

    I believe it to also be a psychological operation. I have done quite a lot of research on the internet and there simply is no corroborating information. People who say they have it cannot prove it such as getting a video of the fibers moving under ones skin. Because of the very nature of this psychological operation, it is inevitable that some personalities will think they have contracted Morgellons Disease by the mere suggestion of it. If you think you have Morgellons Disease, prove it to me. I can change my mind.

    I find it interesting that as soon as I talk about how fake Morgellans Disease is on K Ham episode 44, we get Annette to publicly announce it as a real concern. Let me assure you Annette, Morgellans is a hoax disease pointed like a weapon at certain personality types.

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