Audiochat-Ab, Annette, Aral Sea, KHam, Ro11o, Ohalahan, Geo-Free

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Many audiochatters today.


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4 thoughts on “Audiochat-Ab, Annette, Aral Sea, KHam, Ro11o, Ohalahan, Geo-Free

  1. Jack33

    Good show…it wasn’t quite as gooey as it was yesterday.

    Annette, my fellow fakeologist Texan, you’re doing a fine job. It gives me hope for the older generation to see you break free from the matrix at your age.

    I like the idea of calling the dead Challenger astro-nots to find out why they’re still alive.
    Make sure you record the phone calls if you do…I don’t want to miss hearing that.


    1. annspinwall4


      Thank you! I’m really enjoying the calls. I found additional information on the possibly “undead” astroNOTS and there are phone numbers to the law office of one of the gals. I feel sure others have attempted to call and they will either be ready for calls or won’t accept calls. I’m going to give it a shot anyway (next week at this point) and see what happens.
      I have some additional thoughts, not on the goo, but I watched another youtube from the “bases” conference and there was excellent information about the education system in the US. I think Ohalahan will really appreciate it. I don’t think it is enough just to know about the hoaxes and fakeology, we need to know why (in my opinion).


  2. Blue Moon

    Just to clarify: I did not write that JFK was in danger and left the stage because of that- He, like all other politicians, had a role to play and gun shot victim was part of his script- Also, Oliver Stone is certainly a spook (check his Wiki page for the numerous clues in his background) and therefore his film JFK was made by military intelligence- To blame the military, as the film does, for JFK’s “death” clearly has done no harm to them- AND, it of course reinforces the myth that JFK died that day- That’s why it was made and with government complicity-

    1. annspinwall4

      Blue Moon,

      I saw your comment and was afraid I might have said that. I just finished listening to the portion of the call where I was talking with Ab. The 1st hour and half was from the 19th and I only came on for a few minutes today. (Ab merged the 2 days together)

      Anyway, I am glad it wasn’t me on the 19th. I have read your book and MM’s article about JFK. Miles wonders why JFK would join the crowd and shake hands and drive through the route with the top down knowing he had powerful enemies that could use that opportunity to kill him.

      I messed up with the black goo mess and was afraid I may have been the person to quote you incorrectly. I’m new here and hope I didn’t mess up again.


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