Audiochat – Building a computer

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Who? Ohalahan and Geo-Free discuss building a computer from scratch.

The call starts off with some fakeology chat.


<:53:01> “Ohalahan”:…
<22:55:06> “Ohalahan”:…
<15:42:28> “Geo-Free”: never heard of dubey
<15:42:58> “Geo-Free”: blue moon?
<15:58:00> “Geo-Free”: i listened to the no agenda show
<15:58:27> “Geo-Free”: grizzom.blogspot.dwe
<15:58:34> “Geo-Free”:
<15:58:42> “Ohalahan”:
<17:46:30> “Ab on the go”: ASUS Mini ITX DDR3 1600 Motherboard AM1I-A…
<17:50:06> “Geo-Free”:…
<17:52:30> “Ohalahan”:…

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