Freelea the Banana girl activated?

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I’ve sung her praises over at…don’t tell me 30 bananas a day is front and center of a far away psyop?  Wonder if she met Eric Dubay?

Seriously, it appears she and her boyfriend below are more likely unwitting dupes in this possible HRD (Hyper realistic drill that I haven’t looked in to).

Still on our side Jungle Surfer explains…

Never could eat more than a couple of bananas a day myself.

… her boyfriend after the event…

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4 thoughts on “Freelea the Banana girl activated?

  1. Tom Dalpra

    I’ll make the point one more time. As far as I’m concerned, I thought it was decided some time back that Jungle Surfer was disinfo. His stuff should be taken with a large pinch of salt with the knowledge that he’s some sort of agent.

    I questioned K for posting his dinosaur stuff, but she wouldn’t have it. She thinks Jungle Surfer is legit.

    This made me go to his videos and have a look again.
    The first one I looked at was NAILING THE MOON HOAX Part 1. It has 27,000 views. Not quite the 77 ,000 views his Paul McCartney crap has, but still up there with his most-viewed videos.
    It took about 15 seconds to find a strawman in this youtube…

    At about 15 seconds, Jungle puts up a split picture. On one side the astronauts shoes, and on the other a moon print. He calls this out as obviously not the print that shoe could have made. The trouble is, the astronauts had separate shoes for inside the space ship and moon boots for outside.…

    It seems an obvious little trick and just the sort of thing an agent of disinfo would stick in his videos.
    I’ve seen it before with him. That, and various idiot claims like the Duchess of Cambridge is a man.

    Surely, Jungle Surfer is NOT ‘on our side’ and his stuff should be viewed with that knowledge.
    Anyone promoting Jungle Surfer as a bona fide researcher is either duped by him or complicit.
    His casual, mocking style and his nuggets of info may win-over some people , but I think we should be telling everyone around here to be wary of him.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Ok, wary works, but the video I posted with the specific piece of false evidence?
        It’s clearly bullshit.

        If he isn’t ‘disinformation’ then that was accidentally disinformation then, yeh?
        It’s all about the evidence, isn’t it, so at least you can acknowledge that he was providing false evidence there? Bad evidence.
        For that to be there right at the start of his Moon Hoax Part 1 video, renders it a joke to many.

        As I said, I’ve seen these things before with him.

        His absurd transgender leaps too ?
        You, yourself, posted the question some time ago, Ab: ”Is Jungle Surfer Spinning Us off into LA LA LAND?”…

        I’m saying ”Yes, he is. I thought we knew that? ”


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