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Debunking the debunk nuke hoaxers

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Not much opposition to the nuke hoax theories we float here and at cluesforum.info (spend much time on this very long thread), but here’s a really weak attempt. My favorite is that sooo many people would be involved in the coverup. Well sooo many people kept the development of the bomb quiet, ie. the Manhattan Project, according to their story.

The idea that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were “firebombed” and that no nuclear weapons were used against them, because no such weapons even exist to his day, can be dismissed out of hand as arrant nonsense. Several of our best commenters, armed with historical facts, have pointed this out. Others, impervious to logic and factual information, persist in peddling the conspiracy theory that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were “firebombed” and that “no nuclear weapons” exist at all!

Source: The “No Nuclear Bombs” Conspiracy theory – Darkmoon

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