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  1. richard benedict

    I am not willing to abandon Mr. Russianvids, yet. I agree with Ab that some latitude must be allowed as he currently one of the best voices on the masonic indicators that reveal a PSYOP hoaxery. The nascent field of Fakology needs tools to id the hoaxes and Russianvids is providing, imho, a valuable methodology.

    For example, Russianvids points out we need to understand the symbolic language of these demented cats in order to bust them. Here is one good example.

    If you study Texe Marrs encylopedic Codex Magica, I believe a clearer picture of Russianvids approach will come into play and you see he has a point.


  2. Jack33


    Maybe it’s his delivery. Perhaps he needs to tone it down and stop acting as if he’s got it all figured out, when clearly he didn’t.
    There’s nothing wrong with a little speculation as long as it’s presented as such. Trying to pass off crapy video like that as definative proof is irresponsible imo.

    1. Jack33


      Looked like a black man to me.

      Videos like that only serve to discredit serious researchers and the work they’ve done. Russianvids is now officially on my naughty list.


      1. annspinwall4

        Agreed, in my opinion, the closeups only proved that…the lighting was bad, the event was over 20 years ago, so the photography wasn’t great. Why call it a real event and then try to prove the video was of someone else?


        1. Tom Dalpra

          Yeh, well said people. Perhaps we can send Russian Vids to the naughty step to join fellow Youtubers, Jungle Surfer and Dave J ?

          These people are jokers aren’t they?

          1. ab Post author

            I’m not so sure everyone is deliberate misinformation. Why are you? They put out a lot of stuff, and could be wrong about much of it. Jungle seems to hyperspeculate, but is this because he’s trying to confuse or trying too hard? I like to sort out his material in my own mind. Russianvids is doing much good work. I agree the guy in the vid looks black, but does that mean the whole video is wrong? Not at all. He’s one of the few doing any work on the Rodney King hoax, so I allow him leeway if he makes goofs. Here’s his latest on the Chicago skyline “mirage” youtu.be/TYXKhcli7Ug

          2. Tom Dalpra

            I don’t think ‘ everyone is deliberate misinformation’. I know they’re not, for a fact, because I’m not.

            I’m specifically pointing to certain characters and calling them deliberate disinfo.
            Jungle Surfer and Dave J for two. Russianvids is up for question, in my opinion.

            We know disinformation can be 95% truth and 5% bullshit and that we can learn things from the shills.

            1. ab Post author

              Ok that’s fair. I am not ready to call Jungle deliberate disinformation. He pushes the envelope way too far many times, but I will still look. Russianvids does far more good than harm with his prodigious output. Same might be said for me in some ways.

      2. ab Post author

        He looks black to me too. Does that mean the police video is real? No. Russianvids is doing good work. Why not point out your findings directly to him?

    1. khammad

      And these are the pics from the 1994 murder trial. OJ never went to jail for murder in 1994, he went to jail for armed robbery in 2008, if in fact he made it to jail.

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