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4 thoughts on “Audiochat-KHam

  1. Blue Moon

    I could be talking out the wrong end here but is anyone considering that our organs of perception (subjective as they are) distort what would otherwise be a mathematical certainty (within the logic of the numbers) and therefore what we see and what we calculate may seem misaligned at times?
    I sense that our involuntary actions of focusing on an object, like the moon, require reference points to gage the distance- When the moon is on the horizon it looks huge because our eyes automatically act like a telephoto lens and bring objects on or near terra firma closer- Once the earth’s rotation moves the moon “higher” it loses its reference points and our eyes see it in a wide angled mode, my guess being we are still ranging about looking for context for the moon’s location, but with nothing but space around it, far above the horizon, it appears to shrink in size-
    My beef with the Galilean revolution is that numbers as a metaphor for what we supposedly couldn’t directly experience shoved all of the subjectivity over the side so that when our involuntary and very subjective vision adjustment occurs and misaligns with the math, we tend to disbelieve our own eyes- This then is an opening to persuasion by exterior forces on any number of things our own senses would probably be more accurate about gaging- This is what I think the flat earth nonsense is aiming at- Once again getting us to distrust our own senses and ability to think for ourselves-

    1. khammad

      “This is what I think the flat earth nonsense is aiming at- Once again getting us to distrust our own senses and ability to think for ourselves”

      Well said! What great insight into the flat earth psyop. Doubt and distrust, now that you have pointed this out, is clearly one of the goals.

      This opens up a whole new way to mess with our minds.

  2. Master of None

    I appreciated your thoughtful audio comment. I agree, actual accounts from people I talk to in person are much more easily validated than stories used to evoke fear, sympathy, etc. on the “news” or even podcasts/radio shows. I wanted to elaborate kn your thoughts, using the flat earth as a vehicle.

    The people trying to steer us have learned a lot about how to do that (in fact the APA, American Psychological Association is in hot water for (finally, belatedly) being exposed for being in cahoots with the government regarding unethical collusion/cooperation with the government regarding interrogation techniques (possibly another psyop to some degree, given what we know about terrorists and terrorism and probably simply a cover for worse crimes of the psychology field).

    We know that not only does trauma make an impact and influence behavior, but humor, too can be very disarming. I have become more and more suspicious of Mark Sarget because he uses a lot of irreverance, humor, pop culture along with a guide for surviving an apocalypse. It’s an interesting juxtaposition.

    He is essentially simultaneously saying that the flat earth brings about a whole new sense of morality and humanity while also giving very specific tips for how to survive when all hell breaks loose.

    He also seems to blame the common man for the state we are in, saying something akin to, “when people get confirmation that there is a God everyone will straighten up and fly right, do the right thing, crime will disappear because we are all in this together…”.

    His logic makes no sense. It’s not the average Joe I worry about. Crime is not as prevalent as he and the media would like you to believe. If the astronauts and the political/military power brokers knew there was a God from both NASA and the ice wall, why has their behavior not changed? It’s the elite who need to be reformed and Mark Sargent never blames them or holds them accountable for our current circumstance.

    In addition, Mark’s Strange World co-host is starting his own show called “Perspectives”, because “truth is relative” and everyone has a different perspective. Ugh. Really?

    Emotional truth might be relative, but there is an actual, objective truth that is only elusive if you want it to be and I think that is the problem. Very few people want to see what is and instead prefer to see only what they want to see. Even when people concede an important truth about one thing, they will not logically extrapolate further or allow it to inform other areas of thought.

    I have my doubts about the ball earth. I think there is something going on here, but we are definitely being steered towards or away from something and it’s interesting there is a “personality” for everyone. The religious players, the “eastern, neurotic intellectual”, “the techie, genial, quick-witted guy”, the “crazy artiste”, etc. the whole feud feels very fabricated. Another drama to distract from the facts.

    Thanks again, KHam. I think the topic of discernment, research, logic, etc. is a very important skills we all need to hone if we really want to know the truth and show the way for others.

    One last comment. I understand the appeal for the strange. Sometimes the desire for things to be totally different (better), NOW, causes me, too, to entertain the really weird scenarios, as it seems like a huge game changer and elite-common man equalizer. A pipe dream, I know.

    1. khammad

      What a great read, thanks Master of None.

      I agree with you about the weird psychology going on here with the flat earth. It is frustrating to listen to all the garbage and nonsense coming from these flat earth videos, this one included. It is sad the amount of gobledey gook these flat earthers can spout.

      For instance, around 24 minutes,

      “What’s with meteors? How come they arrive at the same time every year, it’s like they are cyclical or something?” Of course they are cyclical, that means a pattern that repeats over time. This guy says a bunch of nothing and then acts like something strange is going on.

      “Meteors look like they are being shot out of a plane because they come in at the same trajectory.” No, that’s simply not true, meteors come in all sorts of trajectories, even from the same meteor shower. I have watched this happen.

      I picked two sentences out of 2 hours of yapping. Most of what was said was pure nonsense, like the above two examples. If what these dudes said was typed and in a pdf then people would see what nonsense flat earth guys are talking.

      Someone posted why don’t I do a video to debate flat earth. These videos are already out there. More then enough to prove that flat earth is nonsense. Try this experiment: Watch a video that supports flat earth. Keep an eye out for information strictly related to the flat earth model. Then watch a video that supports the earth as sphere. Again, keep an eye out for information strictly related to the sphere earth model. What you will find, spoiler alert, is videos that want to prove the earth is a sphere rely mostly on explaining the model and there is a lot of real math going on explaining the exact situation in the video. Videos that want to prove the earth is flat mostly rely on events that seem to disprove a sphere earth, and there are very few of those. In these flat earth videos I have also seen a lot of good math but wrong explanation, so again, nonsense.

      If you think listening to flat earth videos are going to help you understand this universe you live in then you are mistaken. They are talking absolute nonsense and tricking you into thinking they are making sense. Let me assure you they do not make sense and you will never understand them, because there is nothing to understand. I think people are assuming the guys on the video know more than they do and are actually making sense. I guarantee you, they are not making sense. I can’t prove that to you, you have to prove it to yourself by watching videos that support the earth as a sphere.


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