Smallpox, polio, and other manufactured plagues

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A fascinating article about how to manufacture an outbreak. Like psyops, a methodical formula, including vaccinations, is applied. Everything surrounding the 0;outbreak” is real,  but the concepts being propagated are false.

The heresy in challenging the Jonas Salk legend and suggesting that the cause of the mid-century epidemic—assuming it really was an epidemic—was not caused by a microbiological agent (poliovirus), may be comparable to observing that Islam is an intolerant religion and a belligerent political philosophy.…

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2 thoughts on “Smallpox, polio, and other manufactured plagues

  1. anounceofsaltperday

    Very informative and clearly and succinctly argued.

    Of course, I am obliged to draw attention to this recommendation “(1) As we reported to you in the October 1995 issue of Second Opinion, chronic salt depletion is a major component in the etiology of CFS and ADDING MORE SALT to the diet can often help relieve symptoms dramatically. For more information on what type of salt to use, read chapter five of my special report Add 10 Years to Your Life.”

  2. khammad

    Fascinating new information on polio. Why not DDT poisoning?

    I once saw a poster online meant for health care workers in an African country. It warned that if the polio vaccine is given in a nerve, paralysis of that limb will be the result. In America they call that an adverse reaction to the vaccine.


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