9/11 flour lady “dies”

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Another actor is written out of the script. There’s no way of knowing if this entity really had cancer (a real health issue), but there’s no way this emotionally and visually charged story is true.


Like all the 9/11 stories, they are meant to emotionally distract you from the real issue: 9/11 was a HRDPAR-Hyper realistic drill portrayed as real. It’s the images and emotional stories that are drilled into your subconscious daily to make you think the story is true- and it works.

The woman photographed fleeing the World Trade Centre in one of the most iconic and enduring images of the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks has died from cancer.

Source: The woman featured in one of the most iconic photos from 9/11 has died

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6 thoughts on “9/11 flour lady “dies”

  1. Tom Dalpra

    ”The mother-of-two, who is believed to have died on Monday night according to her family’s social media posts, blamed her illness on inhaling dust particles: “I’m saying to myself ‘Did this thing ignite cancer cells in me?”

    Mmm, or were you rolled in egg then flower in preperation for being fried, as it were ?

    Writing on Facebook, her cousin John Borders, said she “unfortunately succumbed to the diseases that (have) ridden her body since 9/11.”
    In addition to losing so many friends, co-workers, and colleagues on and after that tragic day, the pains from yesteryear (have) found a way to resurface,” he wrote.

    Mmm # 2 This is, of course, bullshit. It seeks to keep the ‘horror’ of 9/11 alive by asserting the running theme of the deadly cloud of dust it released whilst validating that there were lots of real victims.
    This is all totally to script.

    Hey, guess what ? She only started working at the WTC a month before 9/11. That was ‘unlucky’.

    She’s said to have lost custody of her children for a time, due to drug and alcohol problems, then cleaned-up.

    The child in the photograph looked a little odd on my computer screen. Just get’s you wondering…

    Marcy Borders worked on floor 81 of WTC on 9/11
    She got out of the tower but got covered in flour
    And now she’s gone to heaven
    ( Or, so it says on facebook )


    1. Tom Dalpra

      Link to photo and further story including the ludicrous idea that Osama Bin Laden’s death finally woke her up.

      We know how powerful the ‘shaved head image’ can be. We’ve all seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Belsen footage.

      ( On shaved heads : Michael Schumacher’s shaved head pictures made me wonder, such a high profile figure, having been in the fashionable ‘induced coma’. Then there were questions about Christopher Reeve and the thought that his shaved head, may have been a simple but effective way to make him look ill. Just musing)

      I think I should say at this point, that in asking this question, I’m trying to find her alive.
      Is this a real woman just playing to script including pretending to have stomach cancer?
      I’ve not quite grasped it yet.

      I hope she is alive, but it’s put me off eating flour, whatever.

  2. khammad

    The flour lady looks like a statue. I have a feeling a lot of the ‘action shots’ we see in the media are actually stills. How do you ensure the best shot for a photo with the least amount of effort? Stage it. Instruct the crisis actors to stand in a certain way that looks like the photo was taken on the fly. To prove my point, next time you see a photo in the media of a crowd in action, look at their feet. Where is their center of gravity?

    I have been watching these photos for a while now and I am finding that the crowd people always have their body center of gravity in the middle between the feet stance, so clearly they are still. What I am waiting to find is an action shot where the body center of gravity is to the side of both feet which would indicate an action shot.

    Conclusion: Pictures of crowd shots are mostly fakes.

      1. khammad

        Ha! Could the car have been stopped for the picture? I would think the Polaroid would have been blurred if the car had been in motion. Wow, new way to think about this photo.


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