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  1. khammad


    Naomi Wolf said at 4:21 “We’ve entered into an era in which it is not crazy to assess news events to see if they are real or not real, and in the United States as well as overseas. In fact, it’s kind of crazy not to.” She sites the propaganda act as the start of this era.

    Naomi Wolf is giving us some good information (although we already knew it, it’s just fun hearing her say it). By the way Naomi, news events have always been faked. Today is no different than 100 years ago. I am concerned about the fake information that Naomi is talking about. Take the propaganda act. This act is only about funding. The US government could always propagandize their population; there was never a law that said the US government could not propagandize their people. The repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act (aka propaganda act) only did one thing; it allowed the US Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 to pay for propaganda inside the US, in addition to outside the country. There are lots of ways to spread propaganda that already get a lot of money. The repeal of the Smith-Mundt act just added a little more money from one source to the over-all propaganda budget. Adam Curry, you know this yet continually act like the repeal of the Smith-Mundt act started, for the first time, the act of propagandizing in America.

    So why doesn’t Naomi Wolf know this also about the Smith-Mundt Act? My feeling is that she does know that the Smith-Mundt Act is only about funding. Perhaps Naomi is in the same propaganda camp as Adam Curry. Who is Naomi R. Wolf? She was born November 12, 1962, is an American author and former political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton. With the publication of the 1991 bestselling book The Beauty Myth, she became a leading spokeswoman of what was later described as the third wave of the feminist movement In 2007, she published the bestselling book The End of America. She sounds like an insider to me. Thank you Naomi for confirming what we already knew, they fake stuff. By the way, I like Naomi’s use of the word ‘they’. She kinda sounds like us.

    I see a pattern here that corresponds with other cointelpro patterns. This is what I think is going on: once our truth seeking community finds things out, like the extent at which news is faked, facts about the earth, science issues and so on, then this type of information that is already exposed and out there becomes part of the information pool we call nuggets. Nuggets are what cointelpro release to get us hooked in to their way of thinking. We call them nuggets because we didn’t know them before, but other truth seeking community people did know them, the secret was already out anyway. No beans were spilled.

    Nuggets can also be information that makes you feel good because they are confirming a suspicion. This good feeling you get is your subconscious resolving a mental conflict. Nuggets are tricky. Is there a better place to get our nuggets from? If we had looked a little further into an idea or event, we could have found those nuggets from the source, clean and easy to understand. This way, however, as in listening to Naomi in this video, we get the nuggets all dirty and served up on a platter with a nice helping of confusing sauce. Now your subconscious gets thrown into conflict again at considering all the fear ahead because the world is turning into a police state as the best case scenario or a post-apocalyptic waste land as the worst case scenario, as in the title of Naomi’s last book “The End of America”. I can confidently consider Naomi Wolf coinelpro and will take her information with a grain of salt.

    1. annspinwall4


      Thank you so much for the great lesson. I have so much to learn and knowing that this video sounded good was not enough. I really appreciate the breakdown. Like I said, I watched a few months ago and recall her statement about propaganda. It sounded to me like propaganda was only recently allowed in the US. That did give me pause because I knew we were being inundated with it. Slowly but surely, I will learn to be more discerning of articles I read and videos I watch.


      1. khammad


        You are a gold mine of information and I can’t wait to hear more. No need to apologize for misinterpreting information. You already know the key word to understanding the fakery: discernment. Once we start dividing up all that information in our heads into trustworthy and not trustworthy categories, the world is a lot easier to understand. Perhaps that’s why I am a butthead about sticking to info that best represents reality, so that we have less bad info to sift through.

        We get so much garbage from the cointelpro that it makes discernment about truth difficult. Our confusion is a product of intentional manipulation of information from the media and government. So you are off the hook.

        I hope I get to chat with you soon!

    2. Blue Moon

      A little to the side of the immediate topic but this is a really interesting podcast series- The third one down from the top
      “Joseph Atwill & Jerry Russell: Tupper Saussy, “Rulers of Evil”, Mon, Aug. 10.” includes a discussion of how seeming combatants, ie, America and Britain during the revolution, are actually collaborating to engineer the war from behind the curtain, as the speakers suspect all wars are started- They are very intelligent and Dr. Russell is very cautious in how to state an argument that I think all Fakeologists should give a listen to- I’ve participated in debates on their forum re: JFK and they are both readers of Miles Mathis- There is even a discussion of John Lennon in an earlier podcast here that I found very measured- For now I think these guys may be legit- They will not get to Naomi’s level of exposure, or even Adam Curry’s but I hope anyone reading this will give them a try and opine their feelings- postflaviana.org/podcasts/

      1. Blue Moon

        PS- Don’t let the promos for the high weirdness of the other shows on this network turn you off- Its a bunch of new age crap- Atwill has said on air that he doesn’t listen to or believe any of that stuff- Just skip a couple of minutes forward to when they start talking- (Unless you want a laff or two)

  2. annspinwall4

    I watched this video several months ago and thought it was so good. I intended to watch additional Naomi videos but forgot….thanks for the reminder.



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