Audiochat-The Return of Delcroix

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Delcroix is back! Also,Ohalahan,Ro11o,Annette,Ab,Tom Dalpra speak up.


<15:49:56> 0;Ohalahan”:…
<17:03:15> “delcroix”:…

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1 thought on “Audiochat-The Return of Delcroix

  1. richard benedict

    “The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena, the videodrome.”
    from the movie Videodrome

    quoted in the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Micheal A. Hoffman II

    at the 1:48 min. mark the interlocutors mention the name play of Parker, etc, in the latest PSYOP. What they are discussing is what Micheal A. Hoffman II termed “twilight language” in his book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare…

    People may listen to Hoffman’s lecture on the subject here:

    Hoffman is the one who originally coined the term “The Revelation of the Method”. Hoffman developed the idea from his mentor, James Shelby Downard, who termed the process, “The Making Manifest Of All That Is Hidden” Hoffman’s concept “The Revelation of the Method” has been bastardized throughout the Internet and, most recently, here by Blue Moon in his otherwise excellent book on JFK. On the Internet, invariably the user will define the phrase as the process whereby the perpetrators will reveal to us the methods of their crime and their role in the crime in order to absolve themselves of guilt.

    They are mistaken. “The Revelation of the Method” aside from achieving some sort occult balance, is primarily intended to damn the person’s soul by revealing information to the percipient, resulting in an awareness that must acted upon in a spiritual fashion through wilful action. Whether it be a redress of the wrong or a Christian separation, it is incumbent upon the percipient to act. Inaction results in a furthering of the paralysis and hypnotic control of the subject. More importantly, however, the person becomes a witting party, because of the conscious awareness intentionally given to them, of the role played in damning his or her soul through inaction. This is the true purpose of The Revelation of The Method…the true consequence of the “Truth or Consequences” gambit.

    When you study Downard and Hoffman, you will understand the name play discussed and why, for example, I believe Sandy Hook was botched deliberately as part of this process with James Tracy a witting player in the masonic psychodrama.

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