Can’t say hoax or HRDPAR or VN

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Regarding the Virginia TV Barbie live shooting hoax, John and Adam just can’t say the word hoax, hyper realistic drill portrayed as real, or virtual news. Keep dancing around it boys,  you can’t stay out of the fire forever. It’s just too obvious to ignore.

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1 thought on “Can’t say hoax or HRDPAR or VN

  1. derealium

    They went a little further towards calling hoax than they have in other sketchy events recently. Similar to Sandy Hook (which they brought up in this discussion), they hint at it being completely unbelievable and scripted, but they won’t go all the way. I think this is more a matter of their concern about losing their audience than any intentional gatekeeping. They all but stamp it with a giant HOAX in some cases, other cases John wants to push the SRIs which is a infowars thing to do. I’ve noticed they analyze these phony psyops with a lot of sarcasm and sit on the hoax fence.

    But Adam’s really killing me with the Trump love. He does his Trump promotion with a bit of sarcasm as well but I think the guy really wants a billionaire with national socialist talking points to be president. Either way, I can’t/won’t/ain’t going to watch the media or even check on ‘alternative’ news websites, so No Agenda is the only place where I hear what the media is pushing. The show is entertaining and well done, it’s their job afterall.

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