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  1. khammad

    As I was researching Sandy Hook, I ran across an online article about George Hochsprung. His wife, the Principal Dawn Hochsprung was said to have been killed at the school. The interview pictures of George are full of life, wrinkles and facial expressions.

    There was a tv interview of George with grown children. The video of George shows a lot less detail and personality. At the time I thought the video George might be an actor wearing polylatex to look like George.

    Now, however, I am starting to think that the tv interview video of George was all CGI.

    The time span between the video and the picture is about 2-3 years.

    1. khammad

      Ya, I know, not that exciting. I was going to sing part of the reading to spice things up a bit but then thought that might be cruel to the listener.


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