Essential sillain scripting

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Simulated villain is another composite of all the memes that are fake.

The script writers can’t leave out a theme so close to September 11th.

Uncle Vester looks like a previously created simulated villain. The face digital impact is close, but doesn’t quite fit the head’s proportions.


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7 thoughts on “Essential sillain scripting

  1. Master of None

    My husband, who is not a Fakeologist at all, saw that photo on the news, paused it and said, “Doesn’t that look like a guy in a fat suit? Like one of those characters in the movie “Big Mamma’s House”?

    He of course back pedaled a little when I mentioned this webpage, but it’s seeds like this that can pull people out of their slumber.

  2. Hoi Polloi

    In the Vicsim Report, I used the term “simmad” to refer to simulated villains, because of that word’s qualities of sarcastically reminding us we are supposed to fear adventurers in fantasy land (like Sinbad the Sailor), especially if they are brown people or if they associate with brown people, and especially if they are from the Middle East.

    It’s a combination of “sim” and “mad man”. Your word sillain does resemble “Sicilian” — funny.

    Maybe we could also say “simchopath” which has less danger of being offensive to the racially traumatized but the most classic would be to call it what it is in rhetorical terms — an effigy or straw man.

    Speaking of spelling, I don’t mean to complain about this but Simon pointed out to me that on your site you have been repeatedly spelling my handle “Hoi Palloi” like “Hey, pal!” instead of “Hoi Polloi” like a facetious reference to the so-called “unwashed masses” of “useless eaters” the self-styled elite claim to know or understand in the least. He told me to complain about it.

    Anyway, just to add another general comment: I am listening to the audios and your latest meanderings with various online personalities. Keep up the great work.

    1. ab Post author

      I wouldn’t have picked up on your “simmad” word and am not crazy about my silly simulated villain contraction “ssillain” but we do need new words to show we won’t submit to their corruption of our normal comprehension of words.

      1. Hoi Polloi

        I agree. Please consider words that are more immediately decipherable. There is definitely an art to it. Maybe “simchopath” would work for future posts, too? Anyway, “sillain” works. No complaints. Good on you and vive la resistance.

          1. Hoi Polloi

            Great. The only thing missing from the drama triangle now is a name for sim-heroes. Vicsims, simbads and … simgoods?

            Simgoods is a funny name. There are also many more one could come up with. “Supersims” like superstars may give them too much credit. Sim-pathizer is kinda good, but does it reverse the role too ironically? And it’s a homonym, which is harder to hear correctly when said aloud. Simulacrum is actually a synonym for idol or celebrity. How about just “simbodies”?

            Oh, I don’t listen to Snowden’s script. He’s not really a somebody. He’s just a simbody.


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