Collapsing a water tower

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More insights into the world of digital .

You’ll have to get past the silly getup and setup to see the . Captain’s sign off is similar to Mark Sargent’s (be better to others than yourself) (coincidence?)

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3 thoughts on “Collapsing a water tower

  1. Carole Thomas

    Agree, Tom, there’s something off with this guy Got me googling magic and deception.. Delving deeper, I just came across the word “camoufleurs”. These were allegedly stage magicians in the employ of military intelligence that were involved in war trickery such as camouflaging of tanks.
    Here are a few links:……
    “Maskelyne’s book about his exploits, Magic: Top Secret, ghost-written, was published in 1949. Forbes describes it as lurid, with “extravagant claims of cities disappearing, armies re-locating, dummies proliferating (even submarines)—all as a result of his knowledge of the magic arts”. Further, Forbes notes, the biography of Maskelyne by David Fisher was “clearly under the wizard’s spell”.[9] In his book, Maskelyne claims his team produced[10]

    dummy men, dummy steel helmets, dummy guns by the ten thousand, dummy tanks, dummy shell flashes by the million, dummy aircraft…[10]”

    Substitute “sim” for “dummy”:-)

    1. Tom Dalpra

      ” Substitute “sim” for “dummy”:-) ”
      Quite, Carole.
      It’s been the way of War and the way of Peace for a long time, I reckon!

      I often say I think 9/11 was like a big David Copperfield magic trick.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    There’s something a bit creepy about this show.
    What’s with the unpleasant ‘rope’ injury on the ladies’ neck ?
    Further, why the glib, unpleasant suggestion of releasing an illness on the infants of a ( third World ? ) nation ?


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