Hoaxbusterscall.com fakery checklist

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Big call tonight with Chris and uninstall Media. At 36:00, Chris lists his circumstantial list of . Not sure if he’s posted it in text format.

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? – Live & Recorded Episodes: Call No. 351 Isaih 3:12,The Breakdown of the Family, Zero Height Platform Thought Exp

Circumstantial Evidence of Fakery

1.) Timing of events coordinated with legislation pushed.

2.)Victims become ready spokesmen immediately after the event, making the media rounds.

3.) Victims sound just like they are reading from the same script. The script is always in line with legislative pushes.

4.) Victim body counts are statistically improbable, many times, to the extreme.

5.) Disproportionate penetrating head shot survival rate.(5%)

6.) Thematic tie ins to other events, like .

7.) Duping delight. laughing, smiling.

8.) Victims/bystanders appear to be piss poor actors. No tears ever.

9.) Immediate fund raising campaigns. Pages posted pre-event.

10.) Disproportionate number of actors involved.

11.) Government drills coordinated with the events with the exact themes.

12.)Documents and accounts of intelligence agencies and military performing hoax events.

13.) Psyops agents and CIA involvement in the media(church committee hearings),William Paley, Psyops agent, CBS President.Anderson Cooper CIA.

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4 thoughts on “Hoaxbusterscall.com fakery checklist

  1. UNreal

    1½.) Suspect(s) and perpetrators are identified and often apprehended, shot or located within 20-25minutes.

    passports and/or evil to-do list can be found either close to the airport or under the rubble

  2. Master of None

    Cognitive dissonance is certainly trauma and not a mild form. It strikes the core of our foundation. Our sense of security and safety, because we are forced to train ourselves to only trust our assessment of things if it reflects what the control grid wants. It’s crazy-making and inhumane. In fact it creates a Stockholm Syndrome response where people implicitly understand who holds the power (gov) and what they need to do to survive (whatever the gov dictates), even at the expense of our own humanity and right to life.

    1. Blue Moon

      Exactly, M o N- One’s senses never shut down- Even in sleep our hearing is still on; it’s just that the brain isn’t conscious until there is a loud bump in the night and we wake up- But, as our senses are always processing, we filter out the noise and present a reasonable narrative (paradigm) within which to function, despite many apparent contradictions our senses process (ie, flat earth sophistry)- The government, which implicitly states it has mortal authority over its subjects, presents it’s “reality” in a black and white, either/or, false dichotomy- It’s the old Aristotelean con of something either is or isn’t what it’s supposed to be (You’re either with us or with the terrorists)- Now, our senses tell us things aren’t just black and white but the government tells us certain things are just that simple- We stall, hold ourselves in stasis because this mortal authority says something that contradicts our senses- We defer to the danger and refuse to trust our own eyes- In truth, the threat is not real (I don’t believe they break the law; their control model would not hold if they did, though their laws are very malleable and subject to change to block inquiry), but the process is rigged so that we Fakeologists, ie, may be free of the threat, but that binding fear we leave behind is the foundation upon which the state’s authority rests- We are free, but also exiles-

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