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K Ham Radio will be Off the Air


Hello Audiochat!

September 3, 2015

K Ham Radio needs to be put on the back shelf for the time being. Life is getting pretty busy right now, so there will be no new shows until further notice.  The audiochat, however, is a wonderful resource and I hope to keep using it. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts with the world. Even more, I value each and every conversation because I had the privilege of learning from others. Ab, thank you for making that possible.

Thank you to the many listeners who looked forward to episodes, thank you for your listenership and patience with the quality of the audio.  Every week something else seemed to go wrong, but this just gave me a new opportunity to learn about podcasting. Come join me on audiochat sometime, I would love to get to know ya!

Now here is something pretty to look at.


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11 thoughts on “KHA-Takin A Break

  1. wanda

    Hoi… it’s all good. Sounds like it is all getting worked out. I personally feel argument is an art form. You don’t have squat if you go into a court of law without a good argument. They have trained it out of us so we suffer under the heels of their Gods of Scientism… their Gods of Many Blood Sucking Parasites… et cetera. In legal terms, that which you suffer, you allow. You allowed it, so why are you complaining? You have no complaint.
    All Ow.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Cool. ‘See’ you in audio chat, K.
    I’ve appreciated your efforts and thank you for your warm, reassuring tones on many a windy night in the web !
    May I mark time at the end of this extensive first series – extended by popular demand, no long-time visitor to fakeologist could deny – and post that little moment from the night Frank (the Salt Guy) was taking a break from Goldbug promotion and giving yourself, Rollo and I, the rundown on the Mexican Hat theory.
    I love that laugh. 🙂

    1. Carys

      Brilliant Tom! That made me laugh out loud too.
      Thanks K for all your work – enjoy the well-earned break. x

    1. Hoi Polloi

      Was what you are calling John Le Bon’s rebuttal the thing where he just laid out a long response to any/all critics, and said he was thinking about focusing on ‘Gravity’ soon? If so, I heard K say on the audiochat after that (with Ab) that she liked John Le Bon, and it seemed like that was the end of that.

      Peace between researchers sounds like a good thing!

      1. wanda

        It was, in my opinion, respectful and on point. Unlike your emotion laden response. I think K-Ham is capable of speaking for herself.

          1. wanda

            Well, it was very corrective. Correct me if i’m wrong.

            K-Ham might have commented many times over the breakfast table with her husband how much she likes Jon lebon… she defamed him in a public forum, he responded on a public forum, a mere aside in some podcast you heard about is hardly an rebuttal… is it? EVEN IF IT SOUNDED LIKE the end of it to you, even though you stated you didn’t even hear it, that you heard of it… it is hearsay.

            WHEN? WHY DOES: Peace between researchers sounds like a good thing!???

            It sounds like what we have and that’s the problem. The most important thing to do is to keep our own minds and honor truth. The sayanem… the helpers, the co-conspirators… the liars, the freemasons… they will weed themselves out.

          2. Hoi Polloi

            Sorry, I am at the end of Ab’s reply chain limit and I can’t reply directly to your comment.

            I did hear the challenge, and I heard the rebuttal, and I am sorry if you misread my comment to you (on a public forum) but I also really did hear the comment K made, and it did seem like an ‘aside’ as you say, even as it also, to me, sounded as though K didn’t feel the need to make a rebuttal.

            I wasn’t trying to be corrective. I was trying to be placative. I guess you’re right that it’s none of my business, but you are posting on a public forum, after all, and it isn’t as if the Internet has developed etiquette (as any snit we create indicates).

            My comment about “researchers” (to me) refers to those who are legitimately interested in their subjects, and not Sayanim/Masons/shills/etc. who are paid or religious disruptors. I agree it is important to keep our own minds and honor truth, but I think that legit researchers can agree and disagree on things.

  3. ab

    Your contributions here have been immense. You deserve a break (as I have taken over the last year) and are welcome anytime in the audiochat.


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