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  1. derealium

    “An Inconvenient Truth” is quite inconveniently the title of Al Gore’s religious global warming book.

  2. UNreal

    hope the drawing will inspire Cluesforum to get back to the less crowded line of ‘an inconvenient truth’ !

    it is inconvenient that valid questions about the model of the the earth is overlooked by alternative researchers in favor of doing NASA a big favor by joining a DBA type of argumentation, albeit from the inside. the clues forum thread above is unfortunately not very insightful on the subject at hand in that it largely sensors and ridicules a debate on the “ball earth”.

    the debate on the ‘construct’ we live on should be open and inquisitive.

    new mouvements that contribute to above-mentioned efforts are most welcome, and actually help to sensitize a wider audience which is a must if our aspiration is to better a dire situation where the pictured queue for ‘a reassuring lie’ is far to important.

    alternative research took too long in understanding 911 as to offer the wider public actual insight to what happened. it would be poor judgement to stand by and watch the public interest once again be captured by the powers at be. the “Pluto” incident and the “new” photos (ehh, renderings) of earth after 40 years must inform us that propaganda is becoming more difficult today and that errors of judgement is currently made by the propagandists.
    so no, don’t wait to contribute on the “ball earth” debate if you wan’t things to change. the danger is that when you are successful, you can forget how you got where you are and just defend your position in stead of being a true leader.

    1. khammad

      “… and actually help to sensitize a wider audience.”

      The wider audience is not buying it. I am in touch with the wider american audience that this flat earth DBA campaign has been designed for. I can assure anyone living outside of the United States that the wider audience in america has already been trained on how to react to this flat earth idea. They have been trained, really, since birth. And they are not buying it, not for a second.

      The public thinks flat earthers are crazy. It is an instant turn off. Have we here been desensitized by watching too many flat earth videos and listening to too many flat earth audios as to how crazy the flat earth stuff really sounds to the general public? Being in public education I can tell you personally how the wider audience thinks. They think the flat earth idea is just plain loony. The flat earth idea, according to the wider american audience, is a crazy fringe conspiracy theory, one of the craziest, worse than aliens, and that if you believe flat earth to be true, you may or may not be dealing with mental health issues. Doesn’t matter if the wider public is right or wrong, but this is how they think, according to my experience.

      Am I wrong? If so, go tell your boss this: I think, just possibly, because a bunch of other things don’t make sense, and we really don’t have a recent picture of the earth from space, that the earth is quite probably not a globe, like you think.

      I even took away the word flat earth to make it easier for you to say it out loud. I dare you, say that to your boss. Watch the reaction and then tell me the wider public is slowly accepting flat earth.

      There lots of ways to question things. Why in the world would you want to attach a very important NASA question to a crazy fringe conspiracy theory? How in the world does that help the public understand the NASA deception?

      1. UNreal

        @Khammad: what a wider audience implies in my post is the interest, mouvement and following that the “ball” or “flat” earth discussion is creating. this is what is meant in my post by “a wider audience”.

        All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent
        —Edmund Burke

        as for what “americans” or “europeans ” mean or want, this is your very subjective opinion based on on a very small number out of 300 million people.
        the general population are heavily endoctrinated, just as you state, but their opinions are not their own.
        the public beliefsystem and opinions are given to them by authority and group think. when politicians or propagandists are putting words in our mouths, they start such endioctrination by saying “americans” or “the public” thinks this or that. this is their method to actually hand down what we are supposed to think, often backed by some ludicrous “poll” or other contrived evidence of a trend that is actually seeded “live” just as they speak on your behalf, be it as a “european” or “american” or anything else.

        as for the “a crazy fringe conspiracy theory” that is the “flat” earth i’ll just have to disagree completely, because in your wording this implies that we have a consensus around the current model, and also that you use appeal to ridicule against valid questionning and research. if you feel the current model of the earth is well founded, please defend this point of view, and if you can not,,, please participate in the debate in a contructive way excluding hasty generalisations, exaggerations or calling out for “crazy”.

        1. Hoi Polloi

          Sorry to step in as a translator here, UNreal, but I want to say that Kham isn’t calling people crazy. She is saying that people perceive that the “Flat Earth” idea is crazy.

          However, I agree with you that the subject of Earth’s mysteries ought to be discussed. Have you read our thread on CluesForum?


          Even though people do not all agree in the thread, that is what makes the thread useful and interesting.

          1. UNreal

            @ Hoi/Khammad
            yes, i do understand the public sees the “flat” earth debate as being as wild as “no victims” on 9/11. however the “crazy” i referred to was more what i understood as a question regarding my own interest in the “ball” earth debate

            There lots of ways to question things. Why in the world would you want to attach a very important NASA question to a crazy fringe conspiracy theory?

    2. Hoi Polloi

      UNreal, have you read this thread on CluesForum — in its entirety?


      It may not be exciting or graphic or contain thumping music, and it may not have as many followers/fans/friends as the hype masters of the Interwebs do, but I think it addresses some fascinating points in the discussion and really tries to formulate some great questions.

      You may read some opinions shifting about a great deal of controversial topics (including my own cantankerous self) and if you think that’s lacking, please come into the thread and add to it in a cogent fashion consistent with our best standards. I would just ask that you please do not subject us to a video without telling us its contents, how we can all confirm that information and what is the most logical way to pursue the best questions from that information. In short, I think your explicated thoughts and logic in text would be more valuable than a hundred Dubay/Bolan/Sargent videos (for the purposes of CluesForum).

      By the way, what research have you compiled on the subjects of Earth’s shape, its physics or the behavior of light, and where can we read them? I would love to read your thoughts in text form, if that’s available.

      Also, I’d like to know which specific points you are (or are not) a fan of. If you don’t want to post on CF because it bores you or you don’t like the moderation, I’d be happy to ‘translate’ your thoughts and submit it to that thread. 🙂


      1. UNreal

        @Hoi Polloi

        first off, Cluesforum is a great resource for alternative research, arguably the best resource.

        the topic referred to (NASA’S FLAT EARTH DBA STRATEGY) is an interesting foray into a possible “smearing” campaign from NASA by means of DBA. this is of course a plausible explanation for some of the research offered on the internets. assimilating all research on the topic to such a campaign is to disregard the very nature of NASA who engages in serious disinformation on all topics, the shape of the earth included.

        my hope would be that you at Cluesforum would seriously pursue the flawed model of the earth we are offered by NASA, but also by scientists and astronomers alike, with a thread on the very topic of the shape of the earth (not merely on the nature of a selection of the researchers). to only hypothesize on the strategy behind part of the research do not offer a rightful perspective on the issue. on the contrary, by engaging in the subject only with the angle of a “psyop” actually serves the very purpose that NASA engages in: DBA.

        my own contribution to the “ball” earth debate would be in the form of audio-chats and posts here at Fakeologist. i’m quite interested in the topic of the “construct” we live on and i hope to have the opportunity to post at Cluesforum when an appropriate thread is made for the topic (or i might send you some points for translation).

        the points that raises my interest the most are
        1. the curvature (or not) measured by land-surveys
        2. the spin of the earth (or not), estimated 1070 mph on its own axis at equator & 66,600 mph around the sun (or not) in orbit.
        3. the ability of liquids to bend according to gravity and/or rotation


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