Blue Moon’s nuke show

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A good audio from the author of a great JFK book.



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5 thoughts on “Blue Moon’s nuke show

  1. John le Bon

    I thought I had already posted my compliments here but apparently not. This is a terrific podcast for which I cannot thank the producer enough. I have a video coming out shortly which will encourage viewers to download the show (with a link provided). It is amazing to think that I genuinely believed that a president could release ‘nuclear bombs’ at a moment’s notice, and my only ‘evidence’ was ‘information’ from mainstream media. How foolish we can be. Cheers.

  2. Henkus

    One of the better broadcasts from this website.
    Not like I expect to NOT get mind opening information here.

    The way you brought your points, excellent.
    Really playing into the psy-warefare angle of this whole topic is just what I like.

    Just curious if there is like a document where you have a list of the videos that you play?
    Especially the part where some congress man ,or was it a military guy, tells about that unclear (no mistake) weapons are something different than what the public is told.
    Would give me so many imaginary bullets to shoot at my friends.

  3. UNreal

    Under is the link to Blue Moon’s website “Lies, all kinds”

    Just finished listening to you podcast and really enjoyed it !
    it is very enlightening to actually ‘hear’ the propaganda being rolled out, looking back.

    Great Job Blue Moon!
    look forwards to future podcasts !

  4. freetofindtruth

    Learn Gematria…. it reveals much truth.

    Jesus = 74 (Joshua = 74) Joshua is the English translation of Jesus
    Cross = 74
    Messiah = 74
    Jewish = 74
    Muhammad = 74
    Gospel = 74
    English = 74
    Gematria = 74

    This is a very important number. Only the 33rd State, out of the 50 States, has a Gematria of 74.

    Oregon = 74
    OR = 33
    Oregon is the 33rd State
    Jesus died on the cross at 33
    Think about it

    Nuclear = 74
    Energy = 74
    Weapon = 74

    The bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, 8/6/1945. 8+6+1+9+4+5 = 33
    It was tested a month earlier, on a date with 33 numerology as well, on the 33rd parallel, in New Mexico, the 47th State.

    Enola = 47
    Gay = 33

    Enola Gay = Terrorism in Jewish Gematria…

    There’s more. It is the Freemasons…
    Masonic = 74
    Masonry = 33

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