Mega Audio Chat-Chris from OK, Zach Hubbard

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Another big guest list: Chris from, Zach Hubbard from, Contrarious, anounceofsaltaday, Geo-Free, KHam, Ro11o


<18:55:51> 0;chrisFromOK”:
<19:58:44> “Geo-Free”: kol nidre
<20:01:10> “Geo-Free”:…
<21:02:40> “Geo-Free”:…
<21:02:56> “Geo-Free”: I, Pet Gost II
<21:15:57> “Geo-Free”:…
<21:17:02> “Geo-Free”:
<21:34:33> “Contrarious”: there ya go
<21:51:10> “anounceofsaltpedday”: be right back
<00:59:02> “Geo-Free”: i need talk power

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5 thoughts on “Mega Audio Chat-Chris from OK, Zach Hubbard

  1. Master of None

    Hello all,

    Enjoyed all the topics today and so fun t hear so ma y different voices on one call. Just a few comments prompted by today’s show.


    We don’t need a new system, a new and improved system, any system! WE don’t need a system at all.

    I am just as furious as this numbers guy. I don’t understand how anyone who sees what’s going on doesn’t feel the same. Half my life is over, if I live an average lifespan. I am furious that this is how I will experience my entire, one and only life on earth- dealing with the constant insults and assaults of the greedy elite and my fellow man who is essentially in collusion with them.

    Numbers guy, I think you work is sound and amazing. Unfortunately anyone who needs endless convincing and is never satisfied, doesn’t want to know. Will never get it. Will refuse to see it. They wear me out. Simply living in this world is all the proof anyone should ever need. I don’t think you need to read a newspaper, listen to podcasts, do research, etc. There are 1,000 clues a day to expose how this world really works and that you are simply an energy source to the elite. Or a plaything to jerk around for their entertainment.

    The ELITE are the ones who need and benefit from a system. The ELITE are the ones who sold us on the civilization/representative government/system SCAM.

    The ELITE impose a system on us to control us. Every country’s system looks a little different, but the goal is the same. To control us. That is all. If you assign anything positive to living within a system you did not create, you are an idiot. I’m sorry, but you are. Doesn’t make you a bad person, just a dupe.

    We would be impossible to control as billions of individuals with self-determinism, however one big, dumb glom of people (democracy, for example- an uninformed mass of zombiefied “majority rule” ) is a cinch to manipulate. Group think, fear of being an outlier, etc. enables your neighbor to in effect, be your jailer on behalf of the elite.

    Someday, when I have the patience I will explain my conceptualization (which makes me sound really pompous, but I don’t intend it that way, as I think it’s the simplest, most intuitive thing in the world because THAT is natural and systems aren’t) of what life could look like of we eliminated a system of ANY kind. WE DON’T NEED IT. To think otherwise is so unbelievably short-sighted and will keep you enslaved forever, which unfortunately means, I, too will be enslaved.

    Yea. There are for sure several President BOs (as well as other world leaders). Look at all the different picks of him side by side. They are very obviously not all the same guy.

    Back to the show. I love these long ones.

  2. freetofindtruth

    Following up on 53 and transgender…

    Since yesterday we’ve been treated to the news story of the transgender 17-year old boy who wants to dress with the girls, his name is Lila Perry.

    Lila = 3+9+3+1 = 16
    Perry = 7+5+9+9+7 = 37
    Lila Perry = 53
    Transgender = 2+9+1+5+1+7+5+5+4+5+9 = 53…

  3. uninstall_media

    All these audio chats have been keeping my company on the job site. I wear ear protection with a built in audio jack and listen to you all while my co-workers listen to garbage radio all day… the same 40 songs on repeat EVERY DAY! It makes for a “Ground Hog Day” like existence really. It’s funny when I take off the headphones, I’m back to “Jessie’s Girl” and consensus reality, the shit talkin’, Mountain Dew guzzling, Newport smoking goofballs I work with. You all help me stay sane, more than Curry and Dvorak ever did. Cheers folks!!

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