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0;Lies, damned lies, and statistics1; is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments. It is also sometimes colloquially used to doubt statistics used to prove an opponent’s point[by whom?].,_da…

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8 thoughts on “Audiochat-Ab,Tom Dalpra,Jon le Bon

  1. richard benedict

    @Tom Dalpra,

    You once dated the daughter of the Peruvian ambassador to Britain??….hmmmmm

    and you attended a rehearsal of MBE Sir Paul McCartney ?? and I get sent to the naughty step? Tom, I have never dated a daughter of a heavily surveilled, thoroughly vetted, ambassador of a foreign country nor have I attended a rehearsal of a full blown MBE British knight. I also understand you had the misfortune a few days ago of being listed on the Fakologist Shill Sheet.

    Hmmmm, Tom perhaps you overlooked this reply I had to your comment about me

    “@Tom, I left the naughty step because it is my sincere belief you are busking the good people at…. capisce?

    Read more:…

    Tom, the next time you are around high level political and music industry operatives, ask them what “busking” means and share it with us. Til then, see you at the naughty step. 🙂

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Peruvian ambassador to Rome, Richard Benedict.
      Claudia Maria Ampuero Quiroga. ’94-’95. She lived with me here in Cambridge, then I went over and stayed in Rome with the family: borrowed a suit and went to an ambassadors reception.
      She’s still a friend. I’ve got her on facebook. A totally real experience, I had. So what ?

      McCartney? The drummer in my band, The Lonely, for ten years was his so-called marketing manager . Martin Scott is his name. That was my connection. I went to a pre-tour ‘rehearsal’, that was all.
      Why did you post the two different pictures of Paul McCartney without any comment ? Strange.
      The last I heard, your theory was that all The Beatles were replaced between ’64 and ’65 and that Lennon did later TV interviews in a rubber mask. It all gets very Scooby Doo.

      I’ve no secrets Richard Benedict. I use the name that’s on my Birth Certificate.
      Come to Cambridge England; people know who I am.
      I’m trapped in the truth.

      What about you ?

      1. richard benedict

        I happen to be a threat to the over $100 million a year cash cow known as Apple Corp and the ancillary McCartney machine. Many people’s annual salary and some fortunes are dependent on the Beatles mythos. Consequently, hired operatives monitor people like me who expose the fake “Beatles”, who want to see justice to to the real ones who were lost to oblivion. I have an interesting time of it. I have received messages to, and I quote “Watch what you say.” and quote “Careful who you talk to.” :0 Material I used has been scrubbed from the internet. David McGowan, on his facebook page, set me up with a McCartney machine acolyte to try to intimidate me, people in forums cuss me out with intimidating belittling, over the top, over reactions, etc.

        Tom, please you and your friend Martin Scott listen to the real Beatles and John Lennon in this first video. Here are the real Beatles.

        Now the “Cheatles” This is Italy 1965. Pay attention to Fohn’s very weak cracking voice

        The same here (Madrid 1965). Looks like the impostor cannot maintain the same speed of the song as John, and he is ruining his throat trying to sing like John. I feel the enormous effort he is doing, trying to mimic John’s voice.

        In the 1965 italy video, whoever is the second one to say “ahhh” is FLAT. FLAT .

        These humans in the last video from Madrid are struggling to sing live….at times they are flat but have no range. no projection. You can tell the voices are not professionally practiced, much less talented. If you listen to the 1st video with headphones and your eyes closed you can tell Lennon’s voice is controlled, practiced, AND TALENTED. as is the group’s musicianship. You can tell the singer is not only talented but a practiced professional. It is not easy to perform live.

        It is no wonder they stopped touring. The last two above videos answers the question of how do you find someone who sounds like the original. The answer is : you don’t.

        I will leave you with the original Beatles again from 1964. Compare with the 1963 London. Same people, same wonderful talent.

        P.S. The picture I posted above is of two different Paul McCartneys. Look at the noses, then the chins.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    British TV license is £50 for black and white and £150 for colour. I over-guessed on the audio.…

    (And as mentioned) Right at the start of this video is a very amateur attempt at green-screening ( I’ll take the embarrassment for the sake of science! ).

  3. rgos

    See, I knew I should have left a FOOON (Fakeologist Out Of Office Notice) before going on holiday.
    It does give me a warm fuzzy feeling, though, this Fakeologist social control. Thanks for caring, guys.
    I’m back in full lurking mode and even made a point of doing some Fakeologist research at the camp site.

    Yes, there is something up there they call the ISS and it is flying like clockwork (I used the ISS Spotter app on an old iPhone). But it also very much looks like an airplane with a giant spotlight flying at jet cruising height.

    I also tried to look for clues for a flat earth, but simply couldn’t find them. The globe earth is still the best model.
    I’m not dogmatic about it, and if a better model comes along I’m willing to embrace it, but I don’t see it. (Has any flat earther explained the seasons yet? Or answered Simon’s Ushuaia-Alert question? Or the eclipses?)

    And yes, NASA are a bunch of BS-artists.

  4. babette

    O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

    And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    Hamlet Act 1, scene 5, 159–167

    The planet we live on is not round, but flat. Apollo missions=fake. 9/11=fake. And the list goes on and on. And still some think it unbelievable that a lost sheep, gone unshorn for years, would have 40 lbs. of wool on his back. (sigh)

    Perhaps our Owners are playing a variation on a theme of Coco Chanel’s advice , “A woman should mix fake and real.”


    1. Tom Dalpra

      Yeh, I hadn’t looked at it when Ab mentioned it.
      Breeding can cause such a thing, it appears.

      A sheep expert answers questions from Modern Farmer at this link:…

      ”MF: So domestic sheep have evolved based on the way we groom them?

      DT: That’s right. Primitive sheep like Bighorns in the West still shed most of their wool every year. And domestic sheep, the ones raised primarily for their meat, will do some shedding. But for the majority of sheep, there is continual, year-round wool growth.”

      (Here we see the evolved word being used.
      Though this doesn’t necessarily refer to Evolution, we can see how the language can suggest it.
      This condition of ever-growing and never-shedding sheep is a result of selective breeding, not Evolution. It just strikes me that this is the sort of thing that might help assert Evolution to some, when it’s just humans messing with nature ).


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