Die Hard for 9/11

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Hopefully the plane stories will evaporate after this year’s 9/11 anniversary.

Federal safety investigators are trying to determine what caused a British airliner’s left engine to burst into flames as it hurtled down a Las Vegas runway, forcing the pilot to abort the takeoff and passengers to flee the burning plane.Passengers on the London-bound Flight 2276 reported hearing two loud booms Tuesday before flames and the smell of burning rubber sent them dashing to the inflatable evacuation slides, unsure if they were fleeing a bomb or a blown tire.1;Everyone was screaming, ‘Just keep on running,'” said Karen Bravo, a 60-year-old who abandoned the flip-flops she had taken off minutes before to settle in for the 10-hour flight to Gatwick Airport south of London.When the stopped and they turned around, there was nothing but black smoke and flames.1;It was like a scene out of ‘Die Hard‘,1; she said.

Good thing they practice for this using HRDPAR!

Cox said the plane’s crew and responding firefighters did exactly what was expected.

“This is one of the most practiced emergencies that pilots train for,” he said.

Source: Las Vegas plane fire ‘was like a scene out of Die Hard’ | World | News | Toronto

“like a movie”, “fire officials say”, “a local hospital” and other hoax like phrases

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