Audiochat-Sep 11 chatter

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A open house

Who? Simon Shack, Hoi Polloi, Ab, Psyopticon, , Conscious Vegan, KHammad, Delcroix, Kossoff, Farcevalue, Garbage Media,


<18:23:13> 0;psyopticon”:…
<18:41:15> “kossoff”: Wow its working !
<18:41:34> “Conscious Vegan”: Unmute your mic and come chat!
<18:42:01> “kossoff”: I need to find it.
<18:51:53> “kossoff”: I will go buy a headset and join in sometime.  Would love to chat with everyone. Thank you.
<18:56:12> “kossoff”: I will just listen in for now.
<19:00:49> “kossoff”: True
<19:04:54> “kossoff”: I knew it was not real that day.
<20:14:42> “Conscious Vegan”:…
<20:27:17> “anounceofsaltpedday”: howtotakecareofyourpenis.wordp…
<16:04:32> “Videre’s Phone”: Need voice UnReal
<16:26:52> “Videre”: At work.  Just going to listen in on the conversation.
<16:28:27> “Videre”: So sorry UNreal
<18:01:37> “garbagemedia”:…
<18:05:34> “garbagemedia”: This is where it will be live:…
<18:38:30> “Conscious Vegan”:…
<18:41:39> “Conscious Vegan”:
<18:47:27> “delcroix”:…
<19:19:51> “psyopticon”: hi guys, no mic, but will enjoy listening in.
<19:28:39> “kossoff”: sneak it on itunes
<19:30:14> “hoi.polloi”: thats a great idea kossoff
<19:30:18> “hoi.polloi”: maybe just as a podcast
<19:35:09> “UNreal”: Thank you all for tonight, i’ll keep listening ! hope we make it for anther 9 or 11 hours !
<19:36:19> “hoi.polloi”: THANK YOU
<19:36:50> “delcroix”:…
<20:02:03> “psyopticon”: they’re gathering for second half of dark sources
<20:58:48> “psyopticon”: Hi del, got no mike, sorry!
<20:59:05> “psyopticon”: Is Ab going on this show?  Still not restarted
<22:15:06> “psyopticon”: gnite

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