Contrivance is the rule

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A very good interview with Jay Weidner who says among other things that awakening is painful but at the same time liberating. Jay says we’re getting hip to the tricks of the intel agencies that create our culture.

They discuss John Lennon, the Beatles, and Miles Mathis.

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3 thoughts on “Contrivance is the rule

  1. Blue Moon

    Weidner is in that half in/half out territory like Dave McGowan and this new guy, Jay Dyer- Dyer seems more open to broad, ongoing fakery, but Weidner, like McGowan appears to think some things, like, say, Manson, is real and Lennon is not- Weidner also makes claims to being connected to the connected and yet never gives names or dates- He’s built a mystique by making declarative statements without spilling the beans on the particulars- And he peddles a lot of gooey esoterica- That’s entertaining if you have fun with it, like Freeman Fly, or are more scholarly like Dyer, but Weidner seems to be a softer, gentler Alex Jones as far as the fear porn goes- And for a guy who agrees that a broad platform is not possible for a true “outsider”, he is awfully well known- On the other hand, I think the interviewer has more on the ball regarding the big picture- And if only Miles Mathis would do a podcast interview, we might have a better idea if even he’s legit-

  2. Tom Dalpra

    In this interview Jay Weidner pushes the idea that Bill Hicks became Alex Jones.

    This is not very convincing to me, at all. I’m fascinated by Weidner’s analysis of The Shining but on this he seems out of his depth. He doesn’t really know Hicks very well and doesn’t even think that he was funny.

    I’ve studied Hicks and Jones for hours and I certainly don’t think they’re the same person.
    Why should I go with this guy who seemingly hasn’t ever really studied Hicks and doesn’t even think he was funny ?

    Russianvids has also pushed the Jones-is-Hicks thing of late.
    While interesting questions can be asked especially regarding the shared producer Kevin Barrett, my suspicion is that the leap to Hicks actually becoming Jones, is a false idea that is deliberately promoted.

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