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What is Buzz on? His behavior is manic and his eyes bugged out and darting, and his body twitches. I know he’s getting on in years – isn’t it dangerous to allow a man in his moon-set out on tour? Isn’t it possible he’ll blurt out something they don’t want let out? Does it even matter, or is no-one really paying attention?

Is a fake Mars mission the next simulation?

At 2:30, Jeranism plays a video where Buzz claims to have thrown the life support backpacks out of the LEM to save weight!

The only real buzz

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4 thoughts on “Buzz-ed

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Unbelievable 🙂 Buzz ? Buzz alright. Geesh, the guy is 85 years old and he’s still flying ! What medication have they got Buzz – who was always notoriously nervous about answering the question ” What was it like on the moon?” – on , indeed ?!!

    It’s mad Grandad time !

  2. babette

    First Buzz tells us Mars is “much more habitable than Earth!” Not the moon, mind, but Earth!

    A little later, blatantly contradicting himself, Buzz (obviously buzzed) claims that changing the climate on Mars is going to prove very difficult and take a lot of time. Long pause. Looks worried.

    Climate change and Terraforming. Buzz wanders into dangerous territory here. “[…] but we’d like to change the climate!” he clamours, pointing to the ground. “On Mars!” he quickly adds.

    Marooning people on Mars is a splendid idea. Take ’em up and leave ’em there, says Buzz. Mars in terms of penal colony/leper colony, perhaps? What’s going on in the astro-nut’s head?

    And why is Buzz emulating the goggle-eyed pederast/wizard Saville with his striped clown socks, innumerable flashing rings and bangles and things? Although Buzz’s chaperones do an adequate job redirecting his febrile blathering, the whole segment comes off as farce.

    “We’re not even understanding what to think about!” Truer words were never spoken. I think?

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