What’s the punishment?

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Can’t verify that this quote is original, but it’s worth publishing.

@neiltyson: There’s no greater incentive to lie than the threat of punishment for telling the truth.

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1 thought on “What’s the punishment?

  1. cj

    I really didn’t think that could have been a legit tweet from him at first! I browsed to the account, and there were a bunch of other tweets that rubbed me so wrong that I thought I was on a joke account! But it’s legit

    “If Earth stopped rotating, everyone not bolted to the ground would fall over and roll due east at the speed of a jet plane.”

    “If your body were bolted to the ground when Earth stopped rotating, then your head would snap off, and it would roll due east”

    I’m not saying one way or the other if the above things are true or not, but what’s the point of putting it that way?

    Half of the tweets are just silly as above, and the other half are little clue-ins like what AB posted

    “An informed opinion is never based on somebody else’s opinion, lest you empower others to do your thinking for you.”


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