Audiochat-Ab,Unreal,Psyopticon et al

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Another big chat with Ab, Unreal, Psyopticon, (new) Mojo from Scotland, Typoerror, Kossof, John le Bon

A discussion on 1984.


<22:15:06> “psyopticon”: gnite
<10:49:50> “UNreal”:
<11:48:47> “Ab on the go”: Hold on
<11:48:59> “UNreal”: ok
<11:50:54> “UNreal”: i’m making a coffee & be back in 5′
<11:59:57> “UNreal”: i’m back, just make a sign and i’ll open my mic
<12:22:47> “UNreal”: oh, Ab: on the subject of the Teamspeak presence, maybe a button to push on your site could be integrated for signaling Teamspeak presence ?
<14:25:23> “UNreal”: i’m making a coffee n° 2 — back in 5′
<14:32:20> “UNreal”: just make a sign and i’ll open my mic
<15:04:53> “UNreal”: Hello Ab, i’ll have to leave for now, might be back on later, had a very good time chatting with you
<20:27:30> “psyopticon”:…
<20:28:07> “psyopticon”: Curious road traffic accident captured by dashcam.  Is it CGI’ed?
<20:28:39> “psyopticon”: Look at the ambulance response time!  Exactly 60 seconds from crash to ambulance arrival!
<21:21:40> “psyopticon”:
<21:26:14> “psyopticon”:…
<21:34:21> “psyopticon”:…


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9 thoughts on “Audiochat-Ab,Unreal,Psyopticon et al

  1. xileffilex

    I really like John Le Bon. Good chat.
    Particularly intersting was my old adversary Psyopticon’s thoughts about World War II. There is much merit in his thoughts about the Crockham Hill children’s home event.
    Several facts.
    There are offcial maps of V1 ad V2 bombing sites in London. Someone accessed these and put them up onto Flickr. They had to be taken down.
    I researched a single V1 bombing site which resulted in the complete destruction of approximately 30 hourses. There are supporting contemporary photographs after the event. showing the destructon. I could only find one death associated with it, inconclusively, based on pre-war voters lists from 1939, five years earlier. Conveniently they don’t exist for the war years.

    There is a large memorial to all the victims of the bombing of the Bethnal Green shelter…

    Some sources put the figure at 178, but 173 is the figure given on a plaque at the station and is also the figure given in the government inquiry, so that is the figure used here.

    if you look up the names, there are many children, some even less than one year old. What is absolutely astoshing is that these babies had effects granted legally to whomever from their “estates”. Their estates were universally GBP5, ,quite a large sum for a baby to have accumulated in those days…. Check it yourself.…

    I touched on it here, but got distracted:…
    with it memorial to remind us what happened….”Stairway to Heaven”

    1. ab Post author

      Come back to the audiochat, xile.

      An interesting concept I think Psyopticon brought up was the timed bomb. Imagine the time you’d have to fudge a scene with these bombs that were dropped on a 7 day timer. Lots of time to clear the area, set up a demolition scene, and blow everything up in an urban land clear.

      We had a similar land clear in Canada, in the Lac Megantic train crash hoax. Some mason got himself a new downtown in an otherwise poor area of Quebec!

      1. psyopticon

        Hi Ab and a warm welcome back to my wicked arch-nemesis Xilefxilef!

        Yes, the Nazis’ alleged use of so-called time-bombs set me questioning the true extent of the Luftwaffe bombing campaign of WWII.

        How much of the devastation in British cities was genuinely caused by aerial bombardment by the German enemy? Whether bombed by sorties of conventional aircraft, or by drone-like V1 and V2 rocket-bombs, supposedly fired at London from across the Continent?

        Alternatively, how much of that inner-city “bomb damage” was achieved by carefully controlled demolitions, carried out by ground-based teams tasked with widespread land-clearance?

        Here’s a page on “Time Bombs” taken from a 1938 (?!) Handbook for A.R.P. Wardens.

        A.R.P. stood for Air Raid Precautions. It was a militarised home force that could issue air-raid warnings; order residents to abandon their own homes; evacuate streets; and force people to hasten to underground government air-raid shelters, and so on. The A.R.P were an instrument of state terror in a particularly grim period of British history.

        The page on Time Bombs in this A.R.P. Handbook set me thinking about a simple ruse. Not saying this happened for definite, just thinking aloud…

        The A.R.P. could issue a routine air-raid warning, ordering the evacuation of an area. Ensuring maximum compliance by issuing an accompanying threat of poisonous gas release. And on penalty of arrest, the public was herded into underground shelters – where they would witness nothing that was going on above them.

        After the air-raid had officially passed, the area for land-clearance would remain sealed off. Remaining off-limits under the auspices of containing unexploded time bombs; bombs with timers that could run for several days or more. Allowing plenty time for professional demo-teams to move into the area, wiring unwanted buildings for demolition. Before attributing the damage they caused to “controlled explosions” of the time-bombs they were supposedly defusing!

        If this actually happened in practice – and I must admit this is entirely hunch – it was a simple but effective ruse. Almost no one would ignore A.R.P. warnings, insisting instead on returning to an area they were told contained unexploded bombs that could go off at any moment!

        The ARP Handbook helpfully points out the value of the time bomb… The only thing in dispute is who gained from that “value”???!

        “The value of “time bombs” lies mainly in their “terror” value and disorganisation of services, etc., resulting from the evacuation of people from the locality until such time as the bomb is removed or destroyed.”

        This ARP Handbook (No.8) was one from a series of Handbooks published both before and during the war years. See some more examples below:…

        The Handbooks contain all manner of curiosities to titilate the sceptic and fakeologist! I really do wonder what use, for example, in a Handbook on identifying German bombs, published in 1936 – three years before the war officially started. With advice on how to distinguish the types of bombs, and how to identify a German bomb from one of our own ‘friendly’ bombs.

        Presumably it never occurred to the Germans – or else they were far too gentlemanly – to ever change the design of their bombs to foil British bomb disposal squads!

  2. babette

    “[…] I was told many, many years ago by a jewish friend of mine, a very nice chap, and he said, ‘Look, he says, YOU, meaning US, you’re going to have exactly the same problems as we’ve got.’
    By which I assume he meant Palestinians in his country, you know. And I thought, that’s what he meant. You’re going to have people you don’t want in your backyard.”

    1. ab Post author

      I think he was parroting an Israeli PM. Regarding the Palestinian issue, who’s in the front yard and who’s really in the backyard? Who’s yard is it at all?

      1. Curious

        Palestine has belonged till 1918 to the socalled Ottoman Empire. But the Ottoman Empire has not always been as we know it. Here lies a lot in the dark to. History is construction and for the greater part not a reality. After 1918 Palestine came in English hands.( Rothschild’s hand, as they wanted to have a foothold in the Middle East, think off the Suez Canal and the Oil bussiness etc. ) Then the moment came “they” created Israel, which had as result the destruction of the Palestians. Coming to the point, so who is who in someone’s backyard? has some very good stuff on it.
        A good source of Information:
        Alfred M. Lilienthal: The Zionist Connection 2. What Price Peace
        Andrew Carrington Hitchcock: The Synagogue of Satan.
        Israel Shahak: Jewish History, Jewish Religion. Be carefull.

        1. babette

          Agreed, Curious. Indeed, there is no mystery or confusion as to “who is in who’s backyard” re. Israel and Palestine.


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