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Move over Max Ratt, here’s a monster clip show with some readings from a user known around the internet as Negentropic. Come on the sometime Negentropic (synergetic67?) and chat.


More shows here as I listen to them.

Negentropic Chronicles – Episode 1 –

Episode Notes and Links:
The Godfather, Ah, That Little Farce,
Jive Talk Court Room
Kafka, the Trial,
Miles Davis: White People Don’t Understand
Chad Lilly
Bezmenov on Demoralization,
The First Hurdle For the True Warrior,
Warriors, Can You Dig it
To Beat the Devil,
Art, Entertainment, Entropy,
Save the Silly Humans
Press Reset Earth,
Bireli Lagrene,
The Kenneth Feinberg Roll Call, Robert Reyvolt & Kyle Hunt,
George Carlin – Modern Man
Ron Ely,
Marlene Dietrich, La Vie en Rose
Timothy Leary, The Religion of Intelligence,
The Threat of Peace, Anton LaVey,
Dalek Relaxation,
Snake Hip,
A Business Lesson by Frank,
Michael Tsarion,
Chris Kendall Interview with Lenon Honor,
What is a 0;Truther”?
Butt Codes in Hollywood Movies with the Celtic Rebel & Lee Rogers,
Merv Griffin interview with Sharon Tate on Carnaby Street London 1966,
Moby Grape, 8:05
Orson Welles on Harry Cohn Bugging His Office,
I Spy Theme starring Robert Culp & Bill Cosby,
The Sand Pebbles,
Pistol Pete Maravich, I Was A Basketball Android,
is America’s Number One Drug Problem,
Ronstadt & Zappa Remington Jingle,
Logos & the Bicameral Mind,
Drugstore Cowboy,
The White Shoe Boys,
Charles Altura – Romantic Warrior
Dave McGowan on Apollo Lies
Lena Willemark,
Pitch the Baby,
Jack Marshall & Shelly Manne,
Richard Burton reads ,
On Truth & Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense – Nietzsche,
Eno – Making Space,
Polo “the Cholo” Cenisero,
Sadistic Mika Band,
Chris Thomas & Alan Parsons,
Eye of the Devil
Chicken Fajitas – Robert Reyvolt
Vinnie Colaiuta
Charles Manson – If It Had Been Me It Would Have Been Much Worse
Nabokov – The Swift
Chopin – Etude No. 1 in C Major
Jo Don Baker
Rick Leventhal Interviews Fox Freelancer Harley Guy Mark Walsh
Leo Kottke – The Fisherman
(2008) – Simon Shack
September Clues Addendum – Simon Shack
KING KONG MAN Part II – the 21 foot jumper! – Simon Shack
25 Second 9-11 Truth Test for All Your Friends & Relatives
TOUR GUIDE to the September Clues Research — Simon Shack
Arcade High
Wagging the Moondoggie
From the Visual to the Electric Age (1968) – Marshall McLuhan

Negentropic Chronicles is dedicated to Kenneth Ray Kirkham (1952-2014) of Kenny’s Sideshow…or-buelahgirl/…kham-cms-40470…GRid=136173360…l#comment-form

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