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  1. babette

    Your logic is a wee bit flawed, you slippery little Sophist en herbe, you! Think this fancy maneuvering of yours will get me to take my eye off the ball, eh?

    When you say “we need more research on the topic” you better be using the royal “we.” Disprove the whole WWII narrative? Herakles and Theseus combined couldn’t lift that boulder!

    Added to which you propose to dispense altogether with religion, guilt AND with human emotion as well! Come on, squirt, show me how you’re going to accomplish all that. Should be interesting.

    Incidentally, a flat or blunted affect, which you exhibit in spades, is a symptom of depression or schizophrenia and not the stamp of a highly logical mind.

    1. UNreal


      on the subject of WW2 there are sources available, although i do not warrant them necessarily. what can be said is that WW2 imagery contain many incoherences and signs of intentional manipulation.

      alternative research do involve much speculation, and as much as i indulge in many hypothesis myself, i would not openly speculate on any persons mental health without disposing of at least some primary sources or evidence. your assertions contain a fair dose of appeal to ridicule as well.

      1. ab Post author

        Yes @babette’s personal attack on your mental condition is unwarranted and deserves apology. All our interactions indicate to me that you are a clear and sincere researcher. Your willingness to come on the audio chat compared to her unwillingness is testament to your openness to criticism and ability to adjust your position.

        1. Carole Thomas

          I really enjoy and appreciate all of Unreal’s written and Audio contributions. After working with non-native speakers of English for many years I am immensely impressed with Unreal’s command of English – it really is phenomenal. Keep contributing please, Unreal 🙂 I am currently doing some research into the ” phantom time” hypothesis and have been closely following both Unreal and Curious’ posts. If the hypothesis is correct, our history has been artificially extended by the Benedictine order by means of invented stories and forged documents. Once you have dipped a toe in these murky waters, all bets are off as to narrative histories of any era. Places like this one at Fakeologist are valuable as a forum to discuss these theories ( and theories they are) in a cordial atmosphere. Babette makes some great points and contributions ( I loved her material on Smart Meters) and I think it is a bizarre and puzzling that she feels the need to resort to such uncalled-for personal insults. I’m just grateful that this kind of thing remains the exception rather than the rule here among us fakeologists ( both mature and en herbe!)

          1. Curious

            @Carole THomas

            This socalled fantom time is a fact not a hypothesis. The Benedictine orders were and are involved, but the”keyplayers” were Jesuits: Scalinger, Calvisius and Petavius.
            It was also a Jesuit named Jean Hardouin ( probably 1654-1729), who considered the total scripture from the “good old times” as pure bogus, so to speak Anient Times and Middle Ages. but also he considered the scriptures of the prelates and councils as a complete forgery. So far.
            I don’t know if you can read the German language, if yes, Dr. C. Pfisters book: Die Matrix der alten Geschichte is a must.

        2. babette

          As Fakeologists profess to be truth seekers, here’s some truth for ya’ll!

          A little advice might help your protégée adjust his position:

          Your (exaggerated) willingness to come on the audio chat … transports me to Marine World at a chorus of trained seals. See a Speech Therapist. Barring that, you would be better served airing your “thoughts” on paper.

          Here’s some good advice for you, Ab: Read. Stop talking. Pick up a book a read it. Too many of your proclamations reveal a profound ignorance and lack of culture. Tempus fugit, Ab.

          “Being There’s” Chauncey liked to watch, you like to listen. Both of you suffer from a type of arrested development. If you don’t want to read, so be it. Listen, but keep quiet.

          Otherwise, as with your agenda, carry on.

          1. Curious


            Your (exaggerated) willingness to come on the audio chat … transports me to Marine World at a chorus of trained seals. See a Speech Therapist. Barring that, you would be better served airing your “thoughts” on paper.

            Not liking somebody is a something, but beïng that hatefull for the man (UNreal) is out of scale. Why that hatefull? Would you call that deciency?

            1. ab Post author

              @babette is full of fear and a little bit of ignorance herself, but I agree with her that I should read more. Perhaps audio books would be a good idea to start with.

      2. Curious


        on the subject of WW2 there are sources available, although i do not warrant them necessarily. what can be said is that WW2 imagery contain many incoherences and signs of intentional manipulation.

        Another form of manipulation is “silence”. A couple of month’s ago I came to know that the Dutch government was involved in drugtrafficking to the German and British troops during WW 1, Yep, yep and we were sooooooooo neutral.

  2. Ransomovitch

    Let me ask you Unreal, and you may find it a strange question but here goes anyway, did you write those words yourself? Did you have help in constructing your arguments?

    1. UNreal


      yes, i’m writing in my own words, and when i use citations i’m formatting these parts into block quotes.

      anything i wrote that reminds you of something someone else posted ?

  3. Blue Moon

    Here’s an interesting article(s), if written rather opaquely, considering the synthetic nature of the deliberately designed Israelites of the old testament- The argument seems to be that monotheism was a psy-op engineered by the people you would expect, the obscenely wealthy patriarchs of the major empires, and that a one god system was hatched in the outback of Canaan rather than follow up the prior disaster of Akhnaten in downtown Egypt in order to “globalize” such a religious (and economic) system- The “jews” were created as a permanent wedge to insert whenever needed throughout history, apparently-
    Part one: postflaviana.org/old-testament…
    Part two: postflaviana.org/abraham-and-t…

  4. babette

    And Unreal, since you are so game to stamp out both religion and guilt, do you have any ideas on how we can shed ourselves of the most enduring, most poisonous and debilitating and entirely fabricated guilt of all? “Shoah guilt.”

    1. UNreal


      your question is a hard one.

      maybe the debate around the holocaust only is used as a useful narrative to push horrific stories about human cruelty, molestation (and childabuse in various scenarios) and racial hatred.

      the 2 pony show we are mostly focused on forces us into only 2 static positions:
      – the holocaust was real
      – the holocaust was a psyOp

      what i would suggest is that this is where the PRC like to us to be. we are stuck in the “thesis” & “antithesis” corners of a room the ‘Nutwork’ completely own and predicted in every sense and where they can dominate us in a predictable fashion with their synthesis and rhetoric.

      in the artificial debate described above we implicitly admit that every other aspect of the war is unquestionable and happened according to the books. only the holocaust was “hoaxed”.

      what if the holocaust serves as a scapegoat to keep us from questioning wheather the war as a whole is as dubious as the shoah and the nuclear weapons in Japan ?

      i think that we must escape the narrowsightedness of the concentration camps and look at the war as a whole. this new questioning might reveal we have been trapped once more in a hegelian dead-end that keep us blind from the obvious:

      “War Is a Racket”
      United States Marine Corps Major General Smedley D. Butler

      1. babette

        Thanks for responding. Unless I’ve totally misunderstood, and in that case please accept my apologies, your suggestion is that the 2 pony show should be: WWII was a hoax. WWII was real. (?) You are uncertain as to the reality of the World WarS? If one is fake, it follows the other must be too.

        Forget the holohaux, you say. Small potatoes (no matter that it keeps Western nations on their knees groaning under the weight of relentless demands for reparations placed upon future generations till the end of time! (it’s a tribal thing) and, despite the fact that this shoah (the name itself is a hollywool invention) is proven pure hogwash.

        No, you would have us concentrate instead on trying to establish that something as enormous, catastrophic and well documented as a world war is a hoax?! You certainly have set us a challenge there fellow!

        Your name befits you.

        1. Curious

          WW2 was real. Those so-called concentrationcamps were workcamps. Those gaschambers were delousingchambers.etc. A good source of information: www.big-lies.org/ They put up that socalled holofarce as a milkcow and of course a psyop. We jews are always suffering so much. The German ( west) still have to pay.
          The pic of the tank you put up Unreal is indeed a dummy tank. But it is no secret that the Allies had dummy tanks and airoplanes.
          They put WW2 for creating Israel etc. A good source of info: iamthewitness.com/ Especially B. Freedman’s speech ( top left).

          1. UNreal


            i’m not sure we can establish just how real all the events of WW2 actually were.

            the same media and historians that tells us the holocaust happened and the atomic bomb over Hiroshima & Nagasaki really was dropped. why do you trust these same people on the war as a whole ? i sure will not trust the historians and media that 70million people died in the WW2.

            just as the images of the “work camps” have been used to tell us a very different story, how can you know those “dummy” tanks were not used for staging photographs and “documentaries” moreso than “fooling” german plane pilots ?

          2. Curious

            I came a little bit to the understanding that you considered WW2 as a fake. Of course one must ask him- or herself what really happened or what the real motives were. As a former fan of the so-called revisionists, especially Jean Paul Rassinier, I came to know something more about the other side of the coin. So the most events were real, but “they” gave another turn on it.

        2. UNreal


          i’m not saying that the WW2 is completely fake, just that the narrative might be made of more propaganda than than we know of. what would keep us for looking for these proofs could be our blindness created from the exaggerations of the holocaust. remember, there were actual concentration camps, so what is “hoaxed” is the narrative,

          in this sense, i suspect (this is speculation) that the WW2 narrative as a whole is also as contrived. to which degree i’m unsure, we need more research on the topic.

          if a psyOp program manage to have us all emotionally worked up, they would have achieved their goal and know we will be easy to handle: emotions makes logic disappear.

  5. babette

    Re. “guilt” and religion as mentioned by Unreal.

    Luis Buñuel, one of my favourite film directors, famously said, “Soy ateo gracias a Dios.” (I’m an atheist, thank God.) Seventeen years later, Buñuel had a different attitude toward the subject of religion.

    Buñuel’s work is born of the humor of a sad man distressed by his own vision of the world but with a fond eye for the mass of self-deceptions that make life bearable. He is one of the most mannerly men I have ever met. The only thing that stirs him to impatience is the sort of charity that is seen as a virtue by people who don’t question the anguish that makes charity necessary. “I’m not a Christian, but I’m not an atheist either,” he says. “I’m weary of hearing that accidental old aphorism of mine ‘I’m not an atheist, thank God’ It’s outworn. Dead leaves. In 1951, I made a small film called ‘Mexican Bus Ride,’ about a village too poor to support a church and a priest. The place was serene, because no one suffered from guilt. It’s guilt we must escape, not God.” (On Luis Buñuel’s aphorism: “Thank God I’m an atheist)

  6. UNreal

    this video contains a lot of fear-mongering and induces self-hate where we are supposed to blame ourselves for a world we did not create or ask for. in fact, the aberrations of the world as described in this video has been entirely created by the very same authors of the “holy scriptures”. through this kind of propaganda-movies, we are indirectly asked to go back to and worship the entities behind the holy bible once again, forgetting the same group of people are still in control.

    subscribing to consumerism or religion are but to worship the same group of people.
    those personalities, theories and authorities that pretend they have the answers all made up for us to our own benefit are just more of the same. they are in fact preaching the same status quo in both cases.

    we might better trust ourselves. no fear mongering or guilt obliged.

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