9/11 poetry and art

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Until you see the twins as art,
Masters of illusion,
You’ll presuppose they fell apart
Midst all the confusion.

Nine eleven cows and sheep
Chew their nine eleven cud.
Everywhere a steamy heap,
Piles of nine eleven mud,

Asymmetric harm,
Towers of alarm,
Three for two that day.

Symmetrical ejections
Went out in all directions,
A hundred yards away.

Skulls and bones it seams,
Blown to smithereens,
Minus any way.

Emotional objections
And mystical projections,
They constant overlay.

Movie like mishaps,
Partition each synapse,
Shocking in their way.

Buildings long collapsed,
Victims in their traps,
Many still today.

H/T John Adams

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