CC1-Clues Chronicles Intro

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7 thoughts on “CC1-Clues Chronicles Intro

  1. Hoi Polloi

    You’re definitely most welcome! Thanks to Ab for being quick to re-post it.

    Let’s hope iTunes approves the show like they did the Fakeologist show.

    Just posted the third issue/episode, and now we’ll take a break and see how it is processed by folx.

    1. UNreal


      a thing i hope you could maybe add to your nice & modern website ( is a link to directly download the mp3 file. here on Fakeologist Ab always makes an individual “download” link for each audio he posts on the website, which is very simple and effective.

      if you have the possibility to get on iTunes it is great for those who use that program (like me), otherwise an rss feed might also be good. guess the comments would be on your cluesforum !

      the audio quality is very decent, and your hosting is real good ! Simon’s music just sound so natural (and good) when you both talk together !

      1. Hoi Polloi

        Thanks for helping spark the idea during the 9/11 party. Hope it’s as good as you hoped or expected.

        Right now, the download links and RSS feed should be displayed on the sidebar menu at our site.

        However, we should also add the download link below the embedded file for sure. I have had enough issues with the embedding myself, definitely. Anyway, I am off to bed for now. Thanks for your kind feedback!

      1. UNreal


        thanks for the link & article, i know of Dr Hamer as a doctor as he lives in Norway. his allegation on the holocaust and chemotherapy are new to me. as much as the holocaust is a well researched (& solved imo), cancer is very difficult to debate from a fakery angle,,, made a forum-post on medical fraud here MCP.

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