Audiochat-Mojo risin’, John Le Bon’s controversy

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Big audiochat – thanks all!

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<18:48:16> “psyopticon”:…
<19:55:57> “psyopticon”: The Humbuggery of Charles Darwin by Ann Lawler —…
<21:28:27> “Geo-Free”: brb
<21:29:50> “Geo-Free”: baxk
<21:42:42> “psyopticon”:…
<21:47:19> “Geo-Free”:….
<21:52:12> “Geo-Free”: corporationnationradioarchives…
<21:52:17> “Geo-Free”: Tami Pepperman
<19:30:41> “uninstall_media”: brb
<19:44:54> “uninstall_media”:…
<19:44:59> “uninstall_media”: buzz & tom
<19:50:59> “uninstall_media”: experimental mars base in hawaii:…
<19:58:37> “John le Bon”:…
<20:14:26> “typoerror”: just listening .having a bath.
<20:14:30> “typoerror”: Hi
<20:14:51> “psyopticon”: hi typoerror! about time (for the bath, i mean)
<20:17:49> “typoerror”: hi psy. not too early a bath.
<20:18:13> “psyopticon”: definitely overdue!
<20:18:53> “typoerror”: =once a month wether i need it or not.
<20:18:57> “typoerror”: h
<20:19:02> “psyopticon”: hehe!
<20:39:57> “typoerror”: judy wood/s looks like the green wicked witch of the west.
<20:51:56> “typoerror”: charly .
<20:59:12> “typoerror”: hutchinson effects notwithstanding
<21:01:34> “typoerror”: marie curie may have been madame Blavatsky
<21:02:01> “typoerror”: pasteur
<21:02:16> “typoerror”: ratbarsed
<21:02:40> “typoerror”: mic muted
<21:05:13> “typoerror”: aldous” he who shall not be named” huxley was an uncredited scriptwriter of the marie Curie biopic.
<21:05:52> “typoerror”: MGM 1943
<21:15:23> “kossoff”: Although the media referred to Brown as a “test tube baby”,[4] her conception actually took place in a petri dish.
<21:17:28> “kossoff”:…
<21:19:37> “typoerror”:…
<21:29:34> “uninstall_media”: signing off, good talking to you all. nice to meet you mojo and delcroix!
<21:29:50> “psyopticon”: great chatting, uninstall!

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5 thoughts on “Audiochat-Mojo risin’, John Le Bon’s controversy

  1. Master of None

    I plan to check the audio stream shortly, hopefully there will be people there. Looking forward to talking to you Ab!

  2. Master of None

    I was listening in and wanted to add my two cents to why there re so few Fakeologists, given the vast numbers of people on the planet who supposedly share our plight.

    Speaking as an occupant of the USA only (I would be curious to see how this works in your respective part of the world), I make sense of it this way.

    The elite live a totally different existence. For generations this small percentage of people, with an abnormally high incidence of sociopathy, quickly figured out how to manipulate the non-sociopathic majority, perfectly and to their benefit. No further explanation is necessary there.

    Next, is the huge number of people who reside in the middle, minion realm. These are the people who “played the game”. They parroted back what the teacher wanted to hear and believed the lie we are all told, which is that you will know you are on the right path, if you have gainful employment and you can secure material comforts (the cars, clothing, appliances advertised on TV), and also have as a result, societal respect from your peers.

    These people, to varying degrees understand that this is purely a game. If they play the game they will be rewarded. They very quickly see what happens to their classmate who does not step in line- they are shamed and punished for having independent thought. Given these two ways of being in the world, they choose the path of least resistance and greatest material reward and financial security.

    In my country these are the many people who work for city, county, state, federal government in some capacity. And a huge percentage of people in my country work for the government, if not as an employee, thru companies who have contractual business arrangements.

    The government, being the thief it is, steals money from those who are innovative to employ those who are “yes men” and further the government’s agenda. Because of this theft, the government and those who do business with the government are the only ones who are given regular cost of living increases, all the paid legal holidays, sick leave, ever-increasing numbers of vacation days, fairly low work productivity standards, annual raises and a whole host of other benefits no one else gets, regardless of the health of the economy. They are also nearly impossible to fire, so job security is quite secure. They are also about the only workers to get a generous, automatic pension upon retirement for their “public service”.

    They are able to justify this existence to themselves because they realize they would probably not be able to send kids to college, buy a house, retire after 30 years, if they had to duke it out in the uncertain world of the real job market.

    Not to mention the very obvious financial compensation, that in modern culture is THE measuring stick for how smart, important, necessary you are. I mean, you must be doing SOMETHING right, right? Look all you have to show for your efforts? How do you argue with someone when they believe they have already proven their decisions were correct, thru social proof (I.e. financial security, etc.) compared to lowly you? This group asks themselves, do I want to be comfortable or do I want to be right? They are the ones who chose to “work smart, not hard”.

    Tom, I think it was you who said that the thing that keeps people stuck is that the minions have decided that their lives are “good enough”. Or that they would not be any better, by bucking this system that rewards them so well. Bingo.

    I understand the short-term thinking necessity of getting the government job and to some degree I am sympathetic, however do not delude yourself. You are further enslaving yourself and everyone else by doing so.

    In a world without government, everyone would have innate value as well as find unique ways of bringing value to those around them. People of all ages would have purpose. I think it’s our natural way of being.

    This group is also constantly propagandized to depending on their job/agency, about how important their work is. For some it’s being a “public servant” akin to Mother Theresa (the mythical one, not the actual one), for keeping people safe (FDA, cops, military, licensing of everything), roads, caring for the environment, taking care of the poor and disabled, etc. All things mere mortals would do much better, fairly and cheaply.

    I know that even here on Fakeologist, there are a fair number of people are so very afraid of how we would ever function without a government. And to those of you who feel that way, what pray tell difference does this knowledge about how much the government is nothing but a control mechanism to SCREW YOU OVER, not help you, make?

    If you still arrive at the conclusion, we need government, I just have no words. Can you really think of no other solutions? This is where the road ends for you? You have worked the problem this far and have nothing left to offer? How unsatisfying and pointless. To me that is crazy-making.

    In my humble opinion, this is where it gets exciting and energizing. The world is our oyster! I think every day about how we would actual create a world that serves everyone. Yes, everyone. Well, everyone who isn’t a sociopath or a self-serving minion for the elite.

    I am not stymied by such inane challenges as, who will build the roads? What will we use for money? Who will take care of the old? Sick? Orphaned? Is the government doing a bang up job of that now?? Does the thought of you someday having to rely on the government for anything relieve you or cause a panic attack?

    By abolishing government, (unless some of you really want it and choose to create your own community- which I encourage you to do, just don’t expect me to show up) you create the biggest game changer in human history. Imagine the possibilities. And if fear is all you feel, I ask you to feel the fear and move beyond it.

    For me, this is not a thought experiment. It’s not an entertaining way of passing the time. I want to bring about a whole new way of doing life.

    On a somewhat related note, regarding Dallas Gold Bug and Frank. Thank you Jon LeBon. I think it was you that recently and finally invited Frank to please explain in a nutshell his constant reference to this.

    For years now, I have heard Frank make what I consider to be insincere, half-hearted, half-baked arguments on why DGB’s work should be given a look and then when finally given the opportunity he either totally squandered it or was successful, once again, at derailing substantive conversation about things that matter.

    Frank. If you really buy this DGB theory, please invest some time, effort and thought in conveying it to others. Do not expect anyone to try and prove YOU wrong. If no one cares enough or is curious enough to do the research to your satisfaction, that should tell you something about the veracity of the theory.

    And regarding this being your only explanation for why government is as it is… (Sigh) allow me to explain. For the low level minions/managerial class it’s called greed. The elite know that if you simply make compromising yourself a little here and a little there, financially lucrative, most people will get their beak wet and come back for more. In fact they have done studies to see just how little money is needed to pay people off and it was appalling. I won’t spend time tracking them down here.

    For others who need a little more prodding, it might be being threatened with LOSING that payday or perhaps, in much more rare cases, blackmail. Or some other negative reinforcement. Again, if you know that doing what they want only serves you, why not, they ask. For the most sociopathic (the higher the ladder rung, the more likely the case), they get all the great perks AS WELL AS the opportunity to watch others suffer and control society like a chess board. Read, “The Sociopath Next Door”.

    I agree with you, government is largely a sham. If we all stopped bowing to it, it would eventually go away. I also think that the system both makes clear what you will have to do to succeed and “nice” people opt out, while “bad” people quickly realize how the game is played and are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful at it.

    It’s that simple Frank. Obama, I am fairly sure has a double, but it’s for “security purposes”, it makes no practical sense, for people who PRINT the money, to scrimp by making one person play multiple roles. Ridiculous.

      1. Henkus

        Really don’t see any controversy in this new video by John le Bon.
        Maybe link to the those who ‘now accuse him of being a shill to (dis)prove (insert topic)’ ?
        I did get distracted by the ice cream truck, obviously….

        And Master of none had my attention already with the other audiochat (the newer one i think).
        But who is Frank? Did I miss something obvious here?


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