Rob Ford cancer lie

Be the 1st to vote. trying to determine the mechanics of this lie. How could you execute it with a real hospital going along? Is there a key member in the hospital willing to dupe, or is the doctor being interviewed even associated with the hospital at all? Is he even a doctor?

Rob Ford is still in council, but not the mayor. Here is an interview he did this week, filled with many emotional anecdotes of his cancer treatment. Some notable occult stats of his 0;sarcoma” of the stomach: the surgery was 11 hours [an unbelievably extraordinary amount of time], according to his former worship.

None of this story sounds real, of course. That is not to say cancer of the GI tract is not real, in fact, an acquaintance of 3 years (one of the first victims of my discovery) just died of colon cancer this past week. After a few chemo treatments my normally built friend turned into a skeleton, and then just withered away and perished.

Start the podcast around 1:01:00 and listen to our former mayor. Is he lying?

So what could the purpose of this lie have been? Well, despite his foibles, real or not, he probably would have won another election. The otherwise traditional loser, a perfectly well spoken silver spooner, would most likely not have won. Was the mayor/actor told to sacrifice? Who knows, but I’m still interested in the mechanics of this lie, if he is faking, as I believe him to be.

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  1. Curious

    Since the 1940’s the cancertreatment became a farce, because the pharmaceutical industrie was able to enforce laws into practice via the government( that only the socalled “official” Medicin, which is allopathic medicin) was permitted to treat cancerpatients = chemo, burning and the knive. In 1971 president Nixon under influence from those pharmaceutical industries declared the war on cancer. So hughe amounts of money came in via the several funds and are still pouring in. Those Dr’s who were opponents against that treatment were hunted and chased down, amongst them one of the greatest. Dr. Gerson. Far more worse in 1978 the absolute genius Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered through the murder on his son, the main origin of cancer and discovered by sheer coïncidence the so-called 5 biological laws. Cancer is always caused by a for that person or animal totally unexpected shock conflict. Healings-process is conflictsolution.
    See:… On top click on Paradigm -> five biological laws
    Since the 1980’s the cancertreatment has become an absolute hoax.
    Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer paid a terrible price. “They started chasing and hunting him down. His wife died in his arms. He had several murderattacks and had to spend several years in prison, because he did not want to return to the socalled “official” medicin, which is in hands of the pharmaceutical companies.

    Go to that website, read the stuff and draw your own conclusions.

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