Audiochat-Hoax therapist Master of None

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Who? Master of None (new), a mental therapist joins Ab,Psyopticon,KHam



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5 thoughts on “Audiochat-Hoax therapist Master of None

  1. Henkus

    Loved this chat.

    Master of None said (alot of) things about how ‘you just know as a child’.
    I am now, and been in the process for a couple years, remembering I always knew..
    For me it is really things we all did/do know but are too afraid of to talk about or maybe we got drilled out believing in them. (got to love school)
    Great stuff.

  2. Terran Downvale

    Master of None: What a bright, shining light you are! And in a professional field that, at least from what I’ve seen, is full of charlatans. I’d add that “schizophrenics” may also be experiencing psychic/spiritual phenomena which is an even deeper held secret about the true nature of our reality, further obscured behind the veil of rampant media fakery, but I won’t get into that here! One question: Can you tell us which methods and supplements you’re using to rebuild your tooth? Thanks, and I’m looking forward to hearing you on the show again.

    1. Master of None

      Hello Terran,

      Thank you for your nice comment.

      For the complete protocol, here is the book:

      Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, by Ramiel Nagel

      It’s based in the work of Weston A. Price, here is a website with all of his work and dietary guidelines:

      One of the key elements is Vitamin K2, found in high vitamin butter oil.

      Good luck!

      1. UNreal

        Hereunder is a podcast on holistic dentistry too, where they discuss ozone therapy for the mouth and the dangers of keeping dead teeth in your mouth through root canal filling (turns out 96% of women with breast cancer have a root canal filling on the same side as the tumor):…

        Ramiel Nagel did an interesting interview with Jan Irwin on Gnostic Radio:
        Ramiel Nagel on Gnostic Media

        more dentistry audio with Ramiel Nagel & Dr Alison Adams have been on Red Ice Radio:
        Ramiel Nagel on Red Ice
        Dr Alison Adams on Red Ice

        1. Terran Downvale

          Thanks for the info, guys. I’ve been learning a lot about diet lately so this is perfect. Just started experimenting with homemade sauerkraut which does wonders for the digestive system.

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