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Preying on the dependent

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I’m not big on public housing, as it often represents a trap and/or crutch to the poor(er). Most of the residents feel lucky to live there, and because of this, feel beholden to the state.

Who better for the state to take advantage of?

I suspect that most or all of the violence that is reported to take place is somewhat or totally fabricated.

Here’s a story by (sim) psyop reporter Chris Doucette:

Three men were shot early Saturday at an Etobicoke housing complex with a history of violence.

As usual,  no details whatsoever of people, places, or things. The general idea is all that is needed.


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Afternoon audiochat with Chris and John

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Chris and John do an audiochat styled talk.

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? – Live & Recorded Episodes: One more shovel of coal before hitting the Ventura Freeway exit… Special Fr

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