Preying on the dependent

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I’m not big on public housing, as it often represents a trap and/or crutch to the poor(er). Most of the residents feel lucky to live there, and because of this, feel beholden to the state.

Who better for the state to take advantage of?

I suspect that most or all of the violence that is reported to take place is somewhat or totally fabricated.

Here’s a story by (sim) reporter Chris Doucette:

Three men were shot early Saturday at an Etobicoke housing complex with a history of violence.

As usual,  no details whatsoever of people, places, or things. The general idea is all that is needed.…

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9 thoughts on “Preying on the dependent

  1. xileffilex

    Just as an example of a fabricated shootng – this event was reported in the UK at the weekend:…

    The subsequently named vicsim leaves no trace, no birth, no voting record, nothing. The event is set up, photographer ready to capture, well, nothing really. Witnesses are anonymous, second hand:

    “A woman who was walking past when it happened came in our shop for refuge. She told me she saw it all happen”…
    1:53 PM local time – photo placed online. Shooting alleged to have occurred at 1:20 local time…
    [showing nothing]
    No other relevant photographs emerge except this one from 33 minutes after the alleged event.

    2:09 PM BBC asks to use image…
    Straight online:…
    “next of kin had been informed”, [informed of what since he doesn’t seem to exist]…
    journo asks to use pic 2:26 PM…
    2:27 PM local tme – photographer answers immediately [and promptly to various other requests from all other media outlets]

    Story appears online 2:25 PM local time
    Saturday 26 September 2015 14:25 BST…

    Trail of blood in butcher’s shop! Right.

    Tweet about article already online:…
    2:32 PM local time

    Take-home message – we should be very very scared, more police needed, etc. etc.

    1. psyopticon

      Good call, Felix. That supposed shooting on “murder mile” in Hackney, East London stinks of fakery. Even the police cordoning-off of the street makes no sense. Studying the photo on twitter, why are pedestrians still walking along the pavement, oblivious to the violent murder that just took place there? Their presence undermining the integrity of the supposed crime-scene, it can’t be proper police procedure. Surely in a real murder case it would never happen; the public would be excluded immediately from the entire area.…

      The Hackney shooting presumably ties-in, in some way, with the violent demo against “gentrification” that apparently took place a couple days later in Brick Lane, also East London. Back in July, Omegamichael who supposedly captured the aftermath of that Hackney shooting, was prophetically tweeting about this very “gentrification”. Pardon the pun, but when it comes to East London psyops he does seem to have his finger on the trigger.

      In the anti-gentrification protest, supposedly an angry mob targetted and attacked a tiny café on Brick Lane which sells breakfast cereals at up to £4.50 ($7) a bowl. The word “SCUM” was daubed on the café window in (water-based?) paint, but otherwise the damage was minimal. However, the media coverage that ensued is advertising that most back-street cafés could only dream of. Fuel for the argument that any publicity is good publicity. Cereal Killers Café is perhaps now one of the best known novel eateries in all of London!…

      1. xileffilex

        Two of the key tweeters whom the MSM picked up very quickly had been very very dormant for a long time….

        Stephen O Flaherty @stephenof
        I think I just heard a shooting on Chatsworth Road #ChatsworthRoadShooting People jumped to the ground & scattered, after shoots were heard.
        6:21 a.m. – 26 Sep 2015 [2:21 PM local time]

        Stephen O Flaherty @stephenof
        Shooting in Hackney just now #HackneyShooting Did anyone else hear it or see anything. It was on Chatsworth Road
        6:23 a.m. – 26 Sep 2015 [2:23 PM local time]

        Stephen O Flaherty @stephenof
        Shooting on Chatsworth Road Hackney a moment ago. #LBC
        6:36 a.m. – 26 Sep 2015 [2:26 PM local time]

        actually it was allegedly over an hour ago. The following “witness” was at least on time….

        Leah Harkess @leah_harkess
        #chatsworthroad shooting outside the butchers
        5:31 a.m. – 26 Sep 2015 [1:31 PM local time]

        Leah Harkess @leah_harkess
        @rachelblundy hi yes I was with my family 10 yards away. I heard the shots and saw the man run away. It was very shocking
        8:57 a.m. – 26 Sep 2015 [4:57 PM local time]

        Er, wasn’t it a gang of three men,allegedly?…

  2. xileffilex

    Good post, Ab. These things tend to be of local or national interest, but I am coming round to the way of thinking that a lot of gang related shootings and murders are fabricated to keep the cops in work and maintain the populace in a state of fear, not to mention keeping the law men and women and the news entertainment industry going strong. Police cordons, fake witnesses, twitter reports picked up by the MSM…. all very standard.

    Funny you should mention Doucette – I often see the name of BBC journo Lyse Doucet attached to reporting of many fishy world events. She’s Canadian.…

    She was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2014 Birthday Honours for services to British broadcast journalism

    Says it all, really.

      1. xileffilex

        Canadian-born Lyse Doucet regularly anchors special news coverage from the field, covering major conflicts and natural disasters


        1. Master of None

          Wearing my DGB glasses and looking only at the photo above, is does the woman who also plays the role of US Supreme Court Justic Ruth Bader Ginsberg? 😉

          1. ab Post author

            Please don’t go there. Wearing Goldbug glasses doesn’t add to the conversation, it only sews confusion.


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